100th Foor Reunion

The 100th Foor Reunion in Bedford Co., Pa was held on August 2nd, 2008 at the grounds in Rays Cove near Breezewood. God provided us with a beautiful summer day.

A large banner proclaimed "Welcome to the Foor's 100th Reunion". A count taken at noon showed 1045 persons present and many more arrived later.

At 3:00 PM a service was held to dedicate the newly constructed military honor roll. Rev Marion Nesselrodt, an 84 year old veteran of WW II and the Korean conflict was the speaker and a ceremony was conducted by the Everett Honor Guard.

There was a magic show, games and prizes including a quilt made in honor of the occasion and an afghan made by 90 year old Mildred Foor, who also received the prize for the oldest lady present. The person recognized for traveling the greatest distance had come from Powell, Wyoming.

The evening remained pleasant as the day for cake and watermelon walks and country music provided by the Grimm Family Band until 11:00 PM. We give thanks to God for freedom to fellowship and enjoy his many blessings together ! [Info sent in by Doris Foor, August 2008]

The following photograph was sent in by Robert Lantz. The three photos following it are actually cropped from the original photo and shown in a larger size.

The following is what appeared on the website prior to the 100th reunion taking place:

100th Foor Reunion
Rays Cove Christian Church
Breezewood, PA

August 2, 2008

Foor Reunion Cookbook cost is $8.50
Entertainment will be Grimm Family Band
A new sound system was purchased.
In addition to our regular raffle, we will be raffling off a handmade quilt commerating the 100th reunion
Group picture at 5pm
Magic Show
Kid games
Business meeting at 2pm
****Dedication ceremony for the new military honor roll will be planned for 3pm
Please bring photos from past reunions to post.

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Every year around June and July I receive quite a few inquiries to the annual Foor reunion held in Rays Cove Christian Church in Breezewood, Pennsylvania. This year has been no exception. Apparently it is the 100th anniversary of this particular reunion which is the largest known Foor reunion in the country.

According to email I received from Don Foore, the reunion starts about 10 a.m. and goes on until about 11 p.m. "We all eat at 12 noon when attendance is taken. Year 2007 it was 750. Hope to make 1000 this year. Bring any food for yourself and we share with all at the pavilian you elect to set at. If any problems, contact Marlin Foor at the Cloyd Foor pavilian #3".

For those FOORs stopping by and thinking, "Huh? I never heard of this reunion? Where the heck is Bedford county, PA?" it's most likely because you're not a descendant of the huge lineages that resided in that county well over 200 years ago. Check the online searchable database and you're most likely, then, a descendant of the very-early Ohio lineages that were in Fairfield and Brown counties of Ohio. Although they had PA connections, we've never been able to successfully link them to Bedford county lineages; these Ohio lines we believe came from Lehigh and Northampton counties.

For those of you attending the reunion, I welcome any info for the website. I'm encouraging people to send me their digital photos and any information to me and I'll gladly post it. Text submissions can just be stories, such as how many attended, who you are and who you went with, who the oldest person was who attended, what kinds of games or entertainment there was, and even those ever-so-likeable stories about how your great-aunt Ethel brought her famous apple cobbler to share which she's done for the past 50 years. Stories become memories. These individual stories will be welcomed and cherished for years to come.

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