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Individuals Known to Have Served in the Military and are Buried in Bloom Twp., Fairfield Co., Ohio


Important Note - This is definitely not an all-inclusive list. There are many, many more veterans buried in Bloom township than are listed here. Many are included in the searchable database on the home page at Genealogy in Bloom Twp., Fairfield Co., Ohio.


    ALSPACH, Jacob died 1815 [Old Betzer Cem.]
    ALSPACH, John b 1752 d 08 Jun 1837 [Old Betzer Cem.] [*1]
    ALSPACH, Henry 1739-1822 Pvt PA Mil. [Old Betzer Cem.]
    ALSPACH, Michel 1748-1836 PA Mil. [Old Betzer Cem.]
    HARRIS, Abraham 1756-1819 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    KITSMILLER, Adam 1744-1805 PA Pvt [Coffman Cem.]
    MOREHART, John 1758-1815 [Glick/Hoy/Brick Ch. Cem.]
    SLUSSER, Tobias 1761-1823 [Glick/Hoy/Brick Ch. Cem.]
    SMITH, John 1756-1825 PA Militia [Glick/Hoy/Brick Ch. Cem.]
    VAN COURTRIGHT, Abraham d 1825 [Greencastle Cem.]
WAR OF 1812
    ALSPACH, Henry Jr. 1773-1825 Ohio Militia [Old Betzer Cem.]
    KISTLER, Henry 1776-1841 PVT 101 Regt PA Mil. War of 1812 [Old Betzer Cem.]

MEXICAN WAR (1846-1848)

    LEONARD, Adam d 1842 [Old Betzer Cem.]
    LEONARD, John d 1852 [Old Betzer Cem.]

    ARNOLD, Theodore 1844-1935 Co D 55th Reg PA VI [Lithopolis Cem.]
    BAILEY, James 1828-1882 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    BAKER, David (no dates) CO A 176 OVI Bat 5th US Art, 4 yrs serv. [Lithopolis Cem.]
    BOWER, Jacob 1844-1909 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    BROOKS, John M. (no dates) Co I 58th Ohio Infantry [Lithopolis Cem.]
    BROWN, Oren C. 1846-1862 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    DUM, Levi F. 1852-1917 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    FOLEY, W. A. (no dates) Corp'l Co F 18 US Inf, GAR 1861-1865 [New Betzer Cem.]
    FRIEBELY, Lewis C. 1841-1914 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    GREGG, Joseph O. 1841-1930 PVT 68th Reg Co. F 1861-1862 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    KRAMER, Clarence E. 1880-1965 Civil War Vet [sic] [Lithopolis Cem.,] (See footnote "A" at end of page)
    HEIM, Daniel 1827-1905 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    MUSSELMAN, Jesse 1829-1884 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    NEEDELS, Dr. B. J. 1814-1900 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    NOTESTINE, William H. 1823-1879 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    ROWE, S. T. (no dates) Co C 13th OH Cav. (GAR service flag) [Old Betzer Cem.]
    SEYMOUR, Jesse 1796-1877 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    SHANNON, N. T. 1832-1862 LT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    SHULTZ, D. E. 1830-1922 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    SITTERLY, John 1838-1911 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    SMITH, John H. 1831-1902 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    SMITH, Reuben 1821-1908 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    STRUNK, Samuel - no dates - Army Co A 88th Inf. [Lithopolis Cem.]
    STALLSMITH, John F. 1845-1931 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    SUNDAY, Henry (no dates) Co C. 13th OH Cav. [Old Betzer Cem.]
    TEEGARDIN, Jacob 1790-1874 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    TEEGARDIN, John R. 1842-1889 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    WALTON, John P. 1837-1924 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    WHITAKER, Vern 1888-1964 Ohio PVT 324 Field Artillery [New Betzer Cem.]
    WILLIAMS, Jack (no dates) [New Betzer Cem.]
    WILLIAMSON, Jacob P. d 1876 [Wesley Chapel]
    WILLIAMSON, John 1836-1911 [Wesley Chapel]
    BETZ, Henry 1876-1926 Co C 2nd Reg OH Inf [Lithopolis Cem.]
    DUM, Samuel 1888-1960 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    FOOR, A. S. (no dates) [Lithopolis Cem.]
    HARCESHEIMER, Jacob 1788-1866 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    JONES, Ben D. 1869-1950 US Army/Navy 1898-1902 [New Betzer Cem.]
    McCONNELL, William C. Sr. 1874-1946 Army [Lithopolis Cem.]
    PALMER, Joseph H. 1893-1980 Army [Lithopolis Cem.]

    BOWEN, William Jr. 1897-1967 Army SGT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    BROWN, Hugh C. 1896-1975 Army PVT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    CARLOVE, Adam W. 1895-1982 Army [Lithopolis Cem.]
    CARR, Clarence H. Sr. 1896-1980 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    COOPER, Lester Daniel 1895-1958 Ohio CPL 109 Co Guard Asc [New Betzer Cem.]
    DAVEY, Alva G. 1896-1980 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    DEAL, Martin V. 1889-1958 OH PVT Co L 361 Inf. [New Betzer Cem.]
    DILDINE, Seth C. 1892-1978 COL VC US Army WWI and WWII [New Betzer Cem.]
    FLETCHER, Harry R. 1899-1970 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    GIERHART, Harry C. 1896-1952 Ohio CPL Co L 166 INF 42 Div [New Betzer Cem.]
    HECOX, Thane 1894-1941 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    HEDRICK, George R. 1889-1947 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    HERR, Russel G. 1895-1977 Marines PVT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    IMLER, Arthur H. 1901-1975 S2 US Navy [New Betzer Cem.]
    KRUMM, Luther F. 1899-1969 Ohio PVT Co G 48 INF [New Betzer Cem.]
    LOY, Weldon 1891-1978 PVT US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    MALONE, Carl F. ( - 1962) Navy F2 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    MOREHART, Martha (Nixon) 1895-1969 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    RAGER, Bryan W. 1896-1987 Army PVT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    SCHMARR, George H. 1895-1966 Army PVT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    SCHNEIDER< Alva E. 1894-1968 Ohio CPL CO C. 333 Inf. [New Betzer Cem.]
    SCHNEIDER, James M. 1896-1972 Army PVT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    SPARKMAN, Edward 1880-1951 WWI [Lithopolis Cem.]
    THARP, Dale P. 1895-1968 OH PFC 14 Co. Trans Corps. [New Betzer Cem.]
    TOBIN, Leroy E. 1895-1987 Army PVT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    WAGNER, John Ovid 1880-1959 [New Betzer Cem.]
    WHITE, William F. 1900-1977 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    WILLIAMSON, Russell G. 1894-1976 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    ZANGMEISTER, Carl 1892-1966 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    ABLES, George W. "Bill" 1926-1987 CPL US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    ALEXANDER, Joseph R. 1926-1958 Ohio CPL Co A 716 Mil. Police Co WWII BSM [New Betzer Cem.]
    BECK, James Donald Sr. 1921-1985 PFC US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    BICKEL, Robert D. 1923-1983 Army SGT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    BINKLEY, Walter O. 1925-1988 Army SGT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    BLACK, Layton Jr. 1922-1993 1st SGT Army 1942-1945 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    BOOKER, Henry H. 1919-1969 Arkansas PL SGT US Marine Corps [New Betzer Cem.]
    BOWMAN, Delano ___-1958 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    BOYER, Robert H. 1917-1981 PFC US Marion Corps [New Betzer Cem.]
    BRADLEY, Stanley M. 1916-1974 Army PVT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    BRANDT, William C. 1921-1969 OH S2 USNR [New Betzer Cem.]
    BROBST, Robert M. 1918-1988 1st SGT Army [Lithopolis Cem.]
    BURCHFIELD, Robert A. 1924-1991 Navy S1C 1943-1946 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    CARPENTER, Robert E. 1918-1967 Army T5 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    CARRUTHERS, Louis W. 1924-1988 PFC US Army [Wesley Chapel]
    CHAPMAN, John J. 1923-1994 CPL US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    COFMAN, Harry D. 1911-1984 Ex POW [New Betzer Cem.]
    COOK, Edward R. 1927-1989 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    CORMANY, Donald Joseph 1920-1991 TEC5 US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    CRAIG, James R. 1925-1980 US Navy [New Betzer Cem.]
    CREPPS, Charles L. 1898-1971 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    CREPPS, John L. 1920-1984 Army T5 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    CUCCIO, Bernard N. 1917-1990 SF2 US Navy [New Betzer Cem.]
    DILDINE, Seth C. 1892-1978 COL VC US Army WWI and WWII [New Betzer Cem.]
    DOWNS, James A. 1925-1978 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    DURANT, Thomas E. 1914-1982 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    EDWARDS, Albert L. 1899-1981 Army Pvt [Lithopolis Cem.]
    EKERS, John A. 1910-1981 Army PVT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    EVANS, Maurice G. 1921-1992 Army TECH5 1942-1945 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    FISHER, Donald C. 1918-1979 Army SGT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    FOWLER, Bertha 1887-1976 [New Betzer Cem.]
    FRIDLEY, Carl D. 1923-1984 NAVY S1 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    FRIDLEY, Lester S. 1907-1974 Army CWO [Lithopolis Cem.]
    GANG, Joseph H. 1921-1980 US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    GAUTIER, Everett 1908-1987 Navy MOM3 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    GILL, James B. 1918-1983 Air Force CAPT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    GIERHART, Meredith K. 1922-1976 TEC5 US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    GUSSLER, William B. 1934-1986 Air Force A1C [Lithopolis Cem.]
    FISER, Robert W. 1921-1967 OH LTJG USNR [New Betzer Cem.]
    FISHER, Wendell Wayne 1921-1981 S2 US Navy [New Betzer Cem.]
    FLOYD, Emmett C. 1910-1967 [New Betzer Cem.]
    FORTNEY, Leslie W. 1914-1986 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    GRAHAM, Cecil H. 1920-1993 Army PFC 1944-1946 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    GRUBBS, Nelson R. 1918-1986 Army SGT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    GUSSLER, William B. 1934-1986 Air Force A1C [Lithopolis Cem.]
    HAMILTON, Eugene R. 1916-1980 Army TSGT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    HANNA, Paul Archie 1919-1992 TEC5 US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    HARLESS, James I. Sr. 1911-1985 Army Pvt [Lithopolis Cem.]
    HARTMAN, Martin L. 1917-1988 SGT US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    HAVELY, Robert E. 1918-1983 Army PFC [Lithopolis Cem.]
    HELLER, Carl E. 1905-1951 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    HELLER, Lester E. 1918-1954 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    HEMPLEMAN, Marvin L. 1921-1992 CPL US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    HOSHOR, Sidney G. 1903-1991 WT2 US Navy [New Betzer Cem.]
    JESTER, Richard 1897-1975 WO US Navy [New Betzer Cem.]
    KALB, Irvin R. 1917-1989 Army [Lithopolis Cem.]
    KELLER, Thomas E. 1926-1974 Army T4 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    KIRK, Rev. Lawrence E. 1919-1981 S2 US Navy [New Betzer Cem.]
    KISTLER, Paul Leland Jr. 1923-1987 [New Betzer Cem.]
    KISTLER, Rollie E. 1892-1983 Army SGT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    LAMB, Justin Peter 1916-1995 [New Betzer Cem.]
    LENTZ, Wilbur T. 1906-1967 Air Force [Lithopolis Cem.]
    LEUPOLD, Herbert M. 1918-1990 Navt LT JG [Lithopolis Cem.]
    LEWIS, Virgil A. 1898-1983 PFC US Army [Wesley Chapel]
    LINDLEY, Maurice B. 1918-1980 Army Sgt. [Lithopolis Cem.]
    LOUDERMILL, Lola K. nee MOREHART 1917-1976 [Lithpolis Cem.]
    LOY, Joseph L. 1918-1989 [New Betzer Cem.]
    LUSK, Maynard S. 1919-1974 Air Force SGT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    MCCLURE, Morris E. 1913-1977 PVT US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    MCCONNELL, Edward 1903-1993 Army SSGT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    MCCONNELL, William C. Jr. 1905-1992 Navy LT COMDR 1942-1945 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    McCUNE, Royal D. 1921-1991 Army TECH 4GR 1943-1945 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    MCDOLE, Archie F. 1925- [New Betzer Cem.]
    MICKEY, N. Williard 1918-1984 Marines SSGT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    MILLER, John W. Jr. 1926-1991 Army PVT 1944-1946 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    MOODY, Charles L. 1908-1980 Army SSGT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    MOREHART, E. Raymond 1910-1986 TSGT US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    MOREHART, Francis L. 1908-1964 Navy S1 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    OYLER, Sherman E. 1923-1978 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    PIERCE, John Vaughn 1925-1990 CPL US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    RAINES, Paul Lee 1922-1993 PFC US Army PH [New Betzer Cem.]
    RANDLE, Charles W. 1929-1984 Air Force [Lithopolis Cem.]
    RHODES, Wilmer C. 1916-1994 PVT US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    RICHARDS, William M. 1925-1994 S1 US Navy [Wesley Chapel]
    ROOKER, Robert L. Sr. 1918-1991 CWO4 US Army WWII, Korea and Vietnam [Wesley Chapel]
    SAVEY, Lawrence R. 1910-1982 Navy MAM2 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    SEYMOUR, Edward R. 1919-1966 Army 1st SGT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    SCHNEIDER, Charles F. 1920-1988 TSGT US Army Air Corps [New Betzer Cem.]
    SEYMOUR, Homer Allen 1910-1976 SGT US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    SMITH, Charles F. 1905-1958 Navy MM2 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    SMITH, Charles Robert 1912-1993 PFC US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    SMITH, Walter P. 1921-1979 WWI Army SGT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    SMUTZ, Teddy B. 1923-1994 WWI Air Force Major 1943-1963 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    SPANGLER, Lowell Grant 1922-1991 SSGT US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    SPARKMAN, Frederick B. 1908-1979 - WWII vet Army Pvt [Lithopolis Cem.]
    STAHL, Richard D. 1921-1994 - WWII Air Force TSGT 1942-1963 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    STEBELTON, Alvin J. 1922-1988 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    STEBELTON, Earl Wayne 1922-1986 TEC4 US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    STEPHENS, Carl C. 1924-1988 - Navy [Lithopolis Cem.]
    STEPHENS, Howard W. 1926-1986 WWII - Navy S1 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    STILES, Ernest D. 1919-1947 Mass. SGT Air Corps [New Betzer Cem.]
    SWACKHAMMER, Earl J. 1925-1965 Ohio CPL 302 FTR Control SQAAF [New Betzer Cem.]
    ULRICH, Clarence R. 1923-1991 Navy GM2 1943-1946 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    VALENTINE, Edward O. 1922-1969 Oregon PVT 1913 SVC Comd Unit [New Betzer Cem.]
    VERNON, Russell B. 1911-1971 Ohio TSGT 354 Air SVC SQAAF [New Betzer Cem.]
    WALKER, Earl 1914-1944 Army [Lithopolis Cem.]
    WALKER, Lawrence W. 1913-1980 AMM US Navy [New Betzer Cem.]
    WEESE, Carl W. 1920-1994 Army CPL 1942-1945 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    WEIDNER, John R. 1916-1982 Navy AOM3 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    WEIMER, Homer W. 1908-1979 Army T4 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    WHALEY, Gale W. 1906-1993 Army PFC 1942-1945 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    WILKINS, Robert Lee 1923-1944 [New Betzer Cem.]
    WILSON, Andrew 1910-1989 Army MSG [Lithopolis Cem.]
    WILSON, Henry J. 1902-1984 Army PVT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    WOODS, Clifford L. 1915-1985 Army [Lithopolis Cem.]
    YOUNG, Robert F. 1924-1948 OH PFC 547 Inf 87 Inf Div. [Wesley Chapel]
    ZWAYER, Austin L. 1894-1983 Army [Lithopolis Cem.]
    BLACK, Ned 1924-2003 [Wesley Chapel]
    CARR, Clarence H. Jr. 1930-1980 Navy HM3 1947-1951 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    CHILDERS, Harold 1931-1993 Marion CPL 1951-1953 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    DOW, Martin E. 1933-1989 Air Force SSGT 1953-1973 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    GETZ, John E. Sr. 1941-1986 Army PVT [Lithopolis Cem.]
    HICKS, Jack E. 1932-1986 Army Pvt [Lithopolis Cem.]
    LATHAM, Robert Edward 1927-1990 CPL US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    MATHIAS, David O. 1922-1990 SSGT US Air Force [New Betzer Cem.]
    MATNEY, Lucian Franklin 1933-1992 PVT US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    MCCOY, Allen J. 1934-1995 Air Force A1C [Lithopolis Cem.]
    MCCOY, Homer B. 1930-1989 Army PVT E1 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    MYERS, Harry M. 1930-1978 CPL US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    NEWTON, Gerald K. Sr. 1929-1991 Air Force [Lithopolis Cem.]
    PHILLIPS, Jack C. 1923-1988 Navy LT JF 1st LT 1951-1953 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    ROOKER, Robert L. Sr. 1918-1991 CWO4 US Army WWII, Korea and Vietnam [Wesley Chapel]
    SMITH, Harry Richard 1923-1992 MSGT US Air Force [New Betzer Cem.]
    SNIDER, Donald C. 1930-1972 Ohio CPL US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    SPEAKMAN, Donald H. 1930-1984 PFC US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    SPEAKMAN, Hobart D. 1900-1987 Korean Vet Flag Marker [New Betzer Cem.]
    STILLWELL, Robert E. 1929-1991 - Korean War vet Army CPL 1949-1952 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    BOWEN, Patrick W. 1953-1994 Navy BUCN 1973-75 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    LEIGHNER, Steven R. 1953-1974 Air Force A1C [Lithopolis Cem.]
    LEUPOLD, Daniel E. 1949-1973 [Lithopolis Cem.]
    MATHIAS, Daniel D. 1947-1994 SP5 US Army [New Betzer Cem.]
    ROOKER, Robert L. Sr. 1918-1991 CWO4 US Army WWII, Korea and Vietnam [Wesley Chapel]
    WILLIARD, Richard L. 1939-1975 Army PVT [ Lithopolis Cem.]

VETS whose stones don't specify which war (or whether they served in active service)
    BANTON, Jack W. 1922-1989 US Navy [New Betzer Cem.]
    NOLEN, Carl L. 1926- TSGT USAF retired [New Betzer Cem.]
    ONG, Col. William F. Jr. 1905-1975 Lt. COL US Air Force [New Betzer Cem.]
    HELLER, John A. 1897-1945 Ohio PVT 1st CL 339 Motor Trans Co OMC [New Betzer Cem.]
    VAN SCOY Thomas L. 1944- AF [New Betzer Cem.]
    WERNERT, Willard Willis Jr. 1937-1978 SN US Navy [New Betzer Cem.]

The following four individuals were mentioned in a June 23, 1883 LANCASTER GAZETTE article as being buried in Betzer Cemetery and decorated by the GAR.
    LEONARD, Adam (Both Adam and John are buried in what’s called the Old Betzer Cemetery now, both with Mexican War service flags.
    LEONARD, John
    PLOTNER, Conrad (found a Conrad "Platner" 1777-1865 in Old Betzer Cem.)
    ALSPACH, John M. (Although there are many Alspach’s, I could not find a John M.)
The following are mentioned in a June 23, 1883 LANCASTER GAZETTE as being decorated by the GAR at Coffman Cemetery. When searching the book "Cemeteries of Bloom Township, Fairfield County, OH", Fairfield Co., Ohio, Chapter OGS, 1996, I could not always find the individuals buried in said cemetery, though I may have found them in a different cemetery. Perhaps the article was wrong, or the individual was moved, or it is incorrect info altogether.
    COFFMAN, Robert T. 20th Indiana Battery [Coffman Cem.]
    VALENTINE, George (Could not find a George Valentine)
    COOPER, Isaac 13 OVC (Could not find an Isaac Cooper anywhere)
    SUNDAY, Henry 13 OVC (Found at Old Betzer Cem.)
    ROWE, Samuel 13 OVC (Found an "S. T. Rowe", no dates, GAR flag, in Old Betzer Cem.)

GAR: In 1866 Union veterans of the Civil War organized into the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) and became a social and political force that would control the destiny of the nation for more than six decades. Membership in the veterans' organization was restricted to individuals who had served in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps or Revenue Cutter Service during the Civil War, thereby limiting the life span of the GAR.


(*1) From info sent email to me by descendant Arlene McLennan, Feb., 2001. "In the spring of 1775 he served with the State Troops of State of Pennsylvania in a Company commanded by Captain Lewis Farmer, 1st Lieutenant George West and 2nd Lieutenant John Davis. He served for eighteen months. After returning home, he again volunteered in the spring of 1777. He was a Volunteer in the State Militia in a company commanded by Capt. Godfrey Seidel in a company which was attached to a regiment under Col. Balzer Gehr, and served for six months."

(*A) - Charlotte Hesselbrock, granddaughter to Clarence E. Kramer, saw the obvious error where Clarence is listed as a Civil War vet. When I asked her in what military capacity he did serve, she said " I do know that Clarence attended West Point for one year, then went to Ohio Normal Teachers College (which is now called Ohio Northern University) where I think he was in the ROTC. I say this because I used to have a lot of old newspapers that had articles about the men in the ROTC at Ohio Northern. They have disintegrated though, so I cannot confirm that. His obituary says he was a graduate of Ohio Northern. He was married by age 21 and was not in school or the service after that. I have a photo of him in uniform. I suspect it is a West Point uniform. I talked with my brother last night and we are both positive that Clarence never served actively in any war. [March, 2002]

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