This site is a sub-site of "Foor Family Genealogy" I had been doing continued research on the surname FOOR for 20 years. One day, back in 1997 or 1998, Anita Glockner acquired three "William Foor Hotel" dishes and decided to search the internet for some history on them. She found my original site and ended up sending me one of the dishes. This was the start of my interest in finding more information on William A. Foor (my 2nd cousin, 4 generations removed) and his hotel business.

This website now gets linked often by ebay users when they sell a piece of Foor Hotel restaurant-ware. But more importantly and significantly, people continue to send me scanned copies of all kinds of Foor hotel memorabilia -- from dishes and photographs, to postmarked business envelopes and hotel postcards.

If you've found this site because you have a piece of hotel memorabilia, please email me at and let me know how and where you acquired it. Scanned photographs of the item would be welcomed.

Any kind of dishware would be under the "Dishes, etc." link. Info on specific hotels as well as any memoorablia specific to that hotel would be on the hotel page/link. Information on William Foor himself can be found at one of the various links at the left.