Hints on How to Search Database FOOR Searchable Database

Because there are so many FOORs in the database, you may want to start your search for another known surname, such as the maiden names of your great grandmother, grandmother, or aunts. "Click" your mouse on "Search by Surname" on the Foor homepage and you'll be taken to an index. The index will show you ALL surnames currently in the online database. If you "Search By Individual", there's the possibility there will be many people in the database with that particular surname. It will give you another index to choose from, such as "James A. SMITH-Vernon R. SMITH". When you continue to click on these indexes, you'll narrow down the fields until soon just one individual will appear on your screen, complete with all known statistics (birth, marriage, death, etc) as well as a small pedigree (tree) chart showing the immediate portion of his/her link into the FOOR lineage(s).

Once you find an individual, please note that you also have the ability to click on any other underlined name as well, such as their spouse, parents, or children. You will then be launched to a new screen very similar to the one you previously left.

Most individuals (but not all) will have something written in their 'notes' section. This is where I put in the documentation. First, maximize your screen so you can see as much as possible. When you click on an individual, wait until the computer takes you right to their name. View the information, then pan down just a bit using your arrow keys, or with your mouse using the arrows on the right side of your screen. Then you'll see any applicable notes. If you pan down too far, you'll just see another individual.

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