Foor Hotels - Hotel Lanier, Macon, Georgia


The Lanier Hotel, 525 Mulberry Street, was built in 1850, but complete remodeling and several additions have transformed it into a modern building. In this hostelry the city has entertained many celebrities, such as ex-President Millard H. Fillmore, Stephen A. Douglas and Alexander H. Stephens. During the War Between the States many important decisions were made in the hotel as various military leaders, including General Howell Cobb and General James Wilson, established temporary headquarters in its rooms. Governor Joseph E. Brown made his home at the Lanier 1864-65, when the city hall was used as the capitol. A bronze entrance plaque bears the information that Jefferson Davis, deposed President of the Confederacy, was quartered here on May 13, 1865, after his capture at Irwinville. On the evening of the same day Davis and his party were sent by special train to Atlanta, thence to Fortress Monroe. Although a rope had been placed in the second-floor bedroom and a carriage waited in the alley below, Davis agree to plans for his escape. At this time C. C. Clay, Confederate commissioner to Canada, charged with complicity in the Lincoln assassination, learned that he was wanted by the Federal authorities and came to Lanier Hotel to surrender. [The Macon guide and Ocmulgee National Monument. Macon, Ga.: J.W. Burke Co., 1939, pp 91-92]

John Archibald Newcomb was for a time a railroad contractor; later was associated with his brother, Simon Joseph Newcomb, in the hotel business, operating the Lanier Hotel, Macon, GA., in 1902. [Andrew Newcomb, 1618-1686, and his descendants, a revised edition of "Genealogical memoir" of the Newcomb family, published 1874 by John Bearse Newcomb .... unknown: unknown, 1923, p 725]

1882 - "The Lanier house at Macon, Ga., has recently passed into new hands, and is now one of the finest and best kept hotels in central Georgia. The new managers are Messrs. Byington & Rushing, both of Atlanta. For years Mr. Byington has been in the hotel business, and by a close application to his chosen avocation has acquired a thorough knowledge of its wants and demands. Until recently he has been connected with the Markham, of this city, and while there became acquainted with the traveling public who will be pleased to meet him in his new home. Mr. Rushing, his associate, is a general commission and produce dealer of this city, and has a host of friends who will be pleased to patronize his new enterprise. The house is now thoroughly refurnished and repainted and will be kept in first class style. The wine cellar is the finest in the south". [The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Sept. 23, 1882]

1885 - James Lawrence, a celebrated Hotel Keeper in Albany, Fort Valley, and Macon, GA., had a son named George who in 1885 was proprietor of the Lanier Hotel in Macon. [The Boynton family : a genealogy of the descendants of William and John Boynton who emigrated from Yorkshire, England, in 1638, and settled at Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts. United States: unknown, 1897, p 285]

1887 - A Tony Thief - A Hotel Servant Jailed on a Charge of Larceny. Macon, GA. Today a Negro servant employed a the Lanier Hotel was arrested on a charge of larceny, and sent to jail. Jim was a very tony thief, and had been suspected of crooked conduct for a long time. Today the suspicions were confirmed, after a search warrant was procured and his trunk searched. In there were found a number of articles of miscellaneous character. There were cuffs, collars, socks and fine silk ties. There were marks on these that gave the frisky Jim square away. He will be tried before Justice Dennis Keating tomorrow. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., August 2, 1887]

1887 - The following prominent people are registered at the Lanier Hotel: J. E. Tatum and wife, Montgomery, AL.; S. C. Shepard, Knoxville, Tenn.; S. W. Postell, Atlanta, GA.; F. H. Newkirk, R. Bruce, R. Sadler, D. Braner, New York; N. H. McCormick, agent DeHaven's circus, and wife; Hon. W. H. Felson, and MacCollin's opera company. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Oct. 24, 1887]

1887 - The new Lanier Hotel has scored another grand triumph. Besides the throngs of fair visitors this hotel has had three opera troupes, the grand lodge of Masons, and the members of the Georgia state agricultural associations, both of the latter having passed complimentary resolutions of the close of their sojourn, which were very gratifying to Manager O. D. Crawford. Up to last night he had slept 2,500 guests, besides feeding fully a third more, and and there are big crowds there yet. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Oct. 31, 1887]

1887 - Davis' Departure - The Old Chief of the Confederacy Leaves for Beauvoir. List of presents sent him: There were numerous presents tendered them, but none were more appreciated, than the elegant collection furnished by the new Lanier Hotel, for their lunch today. This included four large baskets of the choicest viands, accompanied by some rare old champagne, and Mr. Crawford sent along a servant to look after the party until their safe arrival at their old home. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Nov. 4, 1887]

1887 - Mr. I. D. Crawford, of the Lanier Hotel, gave a handsome dinner to his guests. The menu card was a work of art. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Nov. 25, 1887] 1887 - W. D. Vandeburgh, of the Lanier Hotel, will leave in a few days to assume charge of the Robinson house, Dawson. [The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Dec. 22, 1887]

1888 - Mrs. Gould for several months has been staying at the Lanier Hotel in Macon. She is a lady under middle age, charming in manners and of attractive appearance, thoroughly womanly and alive to every feminine instinct. She is accompanied by her daughter, a young lady of sixteen, whose presence has been much sought in Macon society. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., April 18, 1888]

1888 - H. I. Kimball, of Atlanta, is in the city, registered at the Lanier Hotel. He is here in the interest of the Atlanta Automatic Refrigerating company, and is looking over the city with a view of locating one of their plants here. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., May 1, 1888]

1888 - The directors of the proposed Atlantic, Birmingham, and Kansas City road met at the parlors of the Lanier Hotel this morning at ten o'clock. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., May 3, 1888]

1889 - Mr. V. Henry Rothschild and Mr. A. Baker and wife, of New York, are I nthe city today, guests of the Lanier Hotel. Messrs. Baker and Rothschild are millionaires of New York and directors and stockholders in the Macon construction company of the Georgia Southern road. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Feb. 9, 1889]

1889 - Mrs. Leonia M. barry, general director and instructor of women's branch of the Knights of Labor of North America, arrived in the city yesterday afternoon and delivered a splendid lecture... While in Macon she was the guest of the Lanier Hotel. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Feb. 18, 1889]

1889 - The prospects for the next state fair are very bright indeed, and it is probably that the coming exhibition will be the grandest and most satisfactory ever given. The premium committee of the fair met in Macon this morning at the Lanier Hotel. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Feb. 22, 1889]

1889 - 'R. H. Robbins, Illinois', is the way it was written yesterday afternoon on the Lanier Hotel register. His arrival and departure was so quiet that only one or two in the city knew the object of his visit, and one of these parties gave the story to THE CONSTITUTION's correspondent as told by Robbins himself. Robbins stated that he was a member of Pinkerton's Chicago Detective Agency and had come to Macon on the track of a man named Scott who registered at the Lanier Hotel on March 8th as 'R. G. Matthews, Illinois'. Robbins followed Scott, alias Matthews, to this city. Matthews did not stay at the Lanier Hotel longer than two days, and then went to other quarters in the city, and has been keeping company ever since with a certain female whose name Robbins would not reveal to the Constitution's informant, Mr. Ed Elder, the popular clerk at the Lanier Hotel. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 21, 1889]

1890 - A very interesting feature of tomorrow's programme as mapped out by the Macon post G. A. R. will be the camp-fire tomorrow night at the Lanier Hotel. The post has invited every ex-confederate soldier in Macon to meet with them and partake of 'hard-tack'. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., May 30, 1890]

1890 - A rousing meeting of the friends of Colonel Hughes, candidate for congress was held at the Lanier Hotel tonight. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., July 31, 1890]

1890 - Mr. Walter Daly, of Johnson county, one of the most prominent lawyers of his section, is in the city today, the guest of the Lanier Hotel. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Sept. 12, 1890]

1890 - Mr. John Crawford, who has been gone several months to the north, has returned to his duties at the Lanier Hotel. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Sept. 15, 1890]

1890 - The Young Men's Thalian German club held an important meeting last night at the Lanier Hotel at which it was decided that dances should begin this winter promptled at 9 o'clock and end at 1 o'clock. Of course, an exception will be made to these rules on any very brilliant and special occasion. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Sept. 22, 1890]

1892 - General Weaver Egged. Macon, Ga., Sept. 23. General Weaver and party, consisting of Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. Less and Lee Crandall, arrived here this evening from Columbus. After supper Waver undertook to address 4,000 people from the balcony of the Lanier Hotel. He had not proceeded very far when eggs began to rain into the balcony. A large number of ladies were present and Mrs. Weaver was struck in the face but not injured. Many others received smears from the showers of eggs. The party retired to the parlor, when several local Democrats appeared and asked the audience to give Mrs. Lease a hearing. The crowd could not be controlled, and the Democrats took advantage of the occasion and several speeches were made. [Trenton Times, Trenton, NJ, Sept. 23, 1892]

1893 - General A. G. Weissert, of Milwaukee, commander-in-chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, arrived in Macon this morning from Atlanta and spent the day in the city, the guest of E. S. Jones post. He was provided with handsom apartments at the Lanier Hotel. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., May 29, 1893]

1893 - Colonel R. S. Lanier, father of Sidney Lanier, died this evening at 6 o'clock from the effects of paralysis. He received his first stroke about 3 years ago. He awakened one morning and found his left arm paralyzed. In a few weeks he had sufficiently recovered to go on the streets and follow his daily profession. Since then he has received several strokes and has been in bed two months... Colonel Lanier was born in Jones county 74 years ago.... And began practicing law. The firm of Lanier and Anderson is, no doubt, the oldest firm in the state. Colonel Lanier was an able lawyer and polished gentleman. He was twice married. His second wife survives him.... Colonel Lanier served in the confederate army. He was devoted to his profession, the law, and never sought or held political office. His father built the well known Lanier Hotel, of Macon. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Oct. 20, 1893]

1894 - Macon's Favorite - The Old-Reliable Lanier Hotel Still in the Lead. It is a well known fact to the large number of visitors to Macon that the Lanier Hotel is one of the most attractive and satisfactory hotels in the south. Its high degree of excellence is testified to by every one who has ever been a guest there since it has been in such capable hands. It certainly must be gratifying to the proprietor to have such unstinted praise meted out to his popular resort. Mr. Duly has only had charge of the Lanier one year, but in that short time he has made his hotel the envy of all competitors. It is one of the prettiest furnished, most elegant and comfortable hotels in the country. New papering, new carpeting and new beds of the most approved and comfortable style make this hotel a joy to its many patrons. Mr. Duy [sic] gets a large patronage from commercial men and he is making special arrangements to entertain all northern tourists going to and from Florida. Such would find it especially pleasant to stop at the Lanier a few days. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Jan. 7, 1894]

1894 - General Clement A. Evans arrived in the city last night and is spending the day here. He is stopping at the Lanier Hotel, where scores of citizens have called upon him to pay their respects and assure him of their earnest support for governor. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Jan. 20, 1894]

1894 - Macon's Pride - The Wonderful Popularity of the Central City's Famous Hotel. The magic wand of a fair, if brought to power, could not make a more complete change than Mr. G. B. Duy, the popular proprietor of the Lanier Hotel, at Macon, has made in that old, reliable house. Its complete renovation from cellar to attic and the great improvements cause it to stand today in the front rank with the few strictly first-class hotels of this section. The tasty tapestry, handsome new carpets, chandeliers and all other new and attractive appointments catch the eye of the tourist and general traveling public and make one feel as soon as they enter the hotel that they have, indeed, found a place of ease, elegance, and luxury. Its high degree of excellence is testified to by every one who has ever been a guest there since it has been in such capable hands. It certainly must be gratifying to the proprietor to have such unstinted praise meted out to his popular resort. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Feb. 4, 1894]

1894 - Ex-Judge Dave M. Roberts and Hon. J. F. DeLacy, of Eastman, are guests of the Lanier Hotel. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Feb. 5, 1894]

1894 - Editor William H. Edmonds, of the Manufacturers' Record, Baltimore, is at the Lanier Hotel. He is making a tour of the south in the interest of his paper. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 24, 1894]

1894 - The Macon members of the Catholic Knights of America have been very busy [smudge] perfecting arrangements for the meeting of the state council in this city tomorrow. The council will convene in the parlors of the Lanier Hotel. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 27, 1894]

1894 - Sergeant-at-Arms bright, of the United States senate, has telegraphed the manager of the Lanier Hotel to reserve rooms for the congressional party of thirty. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 28, 1894]

1894 - Hon. W. W. Ashburn, of East Macon, is a guest of the Lanier Hotel. Colonel Ashburn is a candidate for state senator from his district. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., April 9, 1894]

1894 - Still in the Lead. Macon's Popular Lanier Hotel the Pride of the Central City. The great and marked increased popularity of the Lanier Hotel, of Macon, never wanes, but is always improving. The hard times and small amount of travel does not effect this popular house, for the traveling puplic run from all roads to spend a few days at this delightful hostelry. There is no more successful hotel proprietor in the south than Mr. Duy, and he is universally pariased for the perfect manner in which he is conducting the Lanier. In his office he has two of the most competent, accommodating and genial clerks in Messrs. Al Arnold and Tom Appling. Free busses meet all trains and ever convenience is afforded the traveling public. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., April 16, 1894]

1894 - Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Gilbert, of Perry, are guests of the Lanier Hotel. Mr. Gilbert is the popular and efficient treasurer of Houston county. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., April 20, 1894]

1894 - The executive committee of the Georgia State Banking Association will meet at the Lanier Hotel tomorrow to transact certain business preliminatry to the meeting of the state convention in Atlanta. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., April 21, 1894]

1894 - State Treasurer Hardeman is a guest of the Lanier Hotel. 'Uncle Bob' is fast winding up his tour of inspecting the state banks. He has been engaged at the work several weeks. He finds the state institutions in good order. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., April 25, 1894]

1894 - Quite a number of persons arrived in the city this evening and others are expected in the morning to attend the joint meeting tomorrow at the Lanier Hotel of committees of the different railway labor organizations in the state with a view of discussing matters for congressional and state legislation concerning the labor interest. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., May 6, 1894]

1895 - Mr. J. W. Peacock, one of the leading young business men of Thomasville, is a guest of the Lanier Hotel. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., May 13, 1895]

1895 - Walter McLaurine, of Vicksburg, a railway commissioner of Mississippi, is a guest of the Lanier Hotel. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., May 24, 1895]

1896 - The Ballard Hotel, Completely Renovated, Enters a New Career. The Ballard hotel - not the Ballard house, as formerly known - is now under the direction of Mr. B. L. Hendricks, formerly of the Lanier Hotel, of Macon. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 1, 1896]

1896 - Colonel H. S. Morse Dead. The news was received in Macon today of the death of Colonel H. S. Morse, who formerly resided in Macon and was a brother-in-law of Mr. I. D. Crawford and was interested with him in the lease of the Lanier Hotel several years ago. Colonel Morse died in New York. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., May 2, 1896]

1896 - (advertisement) LANIER HOTEL, the Leading Hotel of Macon, GA. Superior in its location, appointments, cuisine and service to any other in the city, and recognized by the traveling public as one of the south's best hotels. Free buses. B. W. Sperry, Prop. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Dec. 4, 1896]

1896 - Judge Speer called the Lanier Hotel case in the United States court this morning, but after the answer of W. B. Strong to Mr. Sperry's petition for a receiver to take charge of the assets of the partnership between them as lessees had been read, a motion to continue until Thursday was granted. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Dec. 13, 1896]

1899 - Governor Candler and his staff arrived tonight at 7 o'clock over the Central of Georgia railroad. They were met at the train by the executive committee and a number of prominent citizens. The governor was escorted to the Lanier Hotel where supper was served, and was afterwards taken to the plaza to witness the coronation exercises. The Lanier Hotel will be his headquarters while here. [The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Oct. 11, 1899]

1900 - Lanier Hotel to Be Sold. Macon, Georgia. The Lanier Hotel will be sold at public outcry on March 3d by Commissioners Roland Ellis and Merrill for the purpose of winding up the affairs of Sperry and Strang. The sale will be held in front of the hotel door. The order of sale was issued this afternoon by Judge Emery Speer. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Jan. 31, 1900]

1900 - SALE OF TE LANIER HOTEL - Macon House Will Be on the Block Next Saturday. Macon, GA. The sale of the Lanier Hotel will take place Saturday morning, and it is expected that C. A. Newombe [sic], the present manager, will be one of the principal bidders. When seen about the rumor that he would bid on the property, Mr. Newcombe said that it would be necessary to wait until Saturday and see what would be done. The property will be sold at public outcry, and it is not known what price it will bring. The affairs of the hotel have not been in the best shape for some time, and the present managers have hesitated about making improvements. In the event that Mr. Newcombe purchases it, or renews his lease, which expires in April, it is very probably that the building will be remodeled from top to bottom. At present it is not in very good shape, as no improvements have been made in a number of years. Mr. Newcombe said a few days ago that he was not sure whether he would renew his lease, as that depended entirely on who the new owners would be. Since that time, it has developed that he would be one of the bidders, and in the event that he purchases the property, he will probably continue as manager and proprietor. The total number of shares in the company is 761 with the value of $30 per share. The number of shares to be sold Saturday is 520. There is a mortgage of $10,000 on the furniture. This will also be sold for what it will bring. The purchaser will get a clear title to a majority of the stock, and this will put the hotel in full charge of the person who buys it. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Feb. 28, 1900]

1900 - The Lanier Hotel will be sold tomorrow at public outcry by Roland Ellis. J. A. Newcomb, the present manager, is expected to buy the property. It will probably bring about $10,000 or $15,000. It will be sold to satisfy a claim held by W. B. Strang and W. B. Sperry. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 3, 1900]

1900 - The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity of Mercer will give a banquet tomorrow night at the Lanier Hotel in honor of founder's day. A large number of invitations have been sent out. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 9, 1900]

1900 - Fire at Lanier Hotel - Fire broke out in the Lanier Hotel this afternoon just after the Dewey parade. The fire was discovered in one of the rooms upstairs. The department responded promptly and little damage was done. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 23, 1900]

1900 - Lanier Hotel May Change Hanes. The Lanier Hotel's lease expires tomorrow. Manager Newcombe will hold on until some disposition of the property is made. By the United States court the hotel has been ordered sold several times, but there have been no bidders. It is rumored here tonight that Ed Racine, who hse been with the Kimball for some time, will assume charge on Tuesday. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., April 30, 1900]

1900 - Dentists Are in Session at Macon. 33rd annual session of the Georgia State Dental Society convened this morning in the parlors of the Lanier Hotel with a large attendance of members. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., June 12, 1900]

1901 - The supreme court has affirmed the decision of the superior court in the case of Henry Hart, which was adverse to Hart. The case grows out of a minor having been allowed to play pool in the pool room of the Lanier Hotel bar, of which bar and pool room Hart was manager at the time. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., July 22, 1901]

1901 - J. A. Newcomb, proprietor of the Lanier Hotel, has leased the Academy of Music from H. J. Rowe, of Athens who leased it from DeGive, of Atlanta. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Sept. 22, 1901]

1902 - 'Georgia Peach Growers' Association - the final meeting of the association, before the shipping commences, will be held in the parlors of the Lanier Hotel, Macon, May 15, 1902, at 9 a.m. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., May 12, 1902]

1902 - Manager Newcomb, of the Lanier Hotel, says he intends to remodel the front of his hotel and add another story to the building at a cost of $30,000. He has already made some great improvements in the hotel. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 18, 1902]

1902 - The principal social event of the week was the large reception given Friday afternoon by Mrs. R. B. Barron in honor of her sister, Mrs. William H. Groscup, of Washington, D. C. The parlors of the Lanier Hotel, where the entertainment was given, were decorated with palms and a profusion of lilacs, jessamine and other fragrant spring blossoms. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., April 13, 1902]

1902 - It was expected that William Neil, proprietor of the Brown house, would be tried in the recorder's court this morning on the charge of fighting, growing out of his attack yesterday on J. A. Newcomb, proprietor of the Lanier Hotel. Recorder Freeman, however, continued the case until next Monday, at the request of A. Proudfit, attorney for Neil. Newcomb was present in court with his attorney, John R. Cooper. After the continuance of the case, Newcomb swore out a warrant in the city court against Neil, charging him with assault and battery, and carrying concealed weapons. It is said that Newcomb intends to push the prosecution to the limit. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., May 4, 1902]

1902 - William Neil, proprietor of the Brown house, appeared in the recorder's court this morning to answer to the charge of fighting, which was made against hime when he attacked J. A. Newcomb, proprietor of the Lanier Hotel, on last Friday. Neil entered a plea of guilty and the recorder fined him $5. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., May 6, 1902]

1903 - (advertisement) - WANTED, Good strong white woman, free of encumbrance, to work in pantry. Address Lanier Hotel, Macon, GA. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Jan. 17, 1903]

1903 - Robert Emmett Celebration. The Robert Emmets of Macon gathered around the banquet board for their eleventh annual tribute to their far-famed countryman tonight at the Lanier Hotel. The dining room was draped in green, while sprigs of shamrock were occasionally seen. Covers had been laid for seventy-five and the menu was almost as delightful as the words of wit and wisdom which flowed from the lips of the Irishmen present. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 5, 1903]

1903 - The active and alumni members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity will celebrate in a most royal way the forty-seventh anniversary of the founding of their order on Monday evening, March 9th. The banquet will be given at Lanier Hotel and the arrangements for the feast will be under the personal supervision of Manager Newcomb. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 9, 1903]

1903 - J. A. Newcomb, of the Lanier Hotel, has gone to New York to have his throat operated on. Mr. Newcomb for a long time past has been suffering with a throat trouble which, in the opinion of specialists, will require the use of the knife. Mr. Newcomb has many friends not only in Macon but throughout the country generally who will wish him a speedy recovery. Mr. Simon Newcomb, who has long been connected with the Lanier Hotel and a brother of Mr. J. A. Newcomb, will sever his connection with the Lanier the last of this month and will leave Georgia. Mr. Newcomb goes to Texas to take charge of the business of the Coca-Cola company. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 27, 1903]

1903 - Colonel Neill leaves Macon hostelry (the Brown house) and will come to Atlanta. The new lessees are F. Bartow Stubbs, the wealthy lumber dealer of Savannah; M. E. McCoy, of Macon, and Wade Lowery, for three years past cashier and manager of the Lanier Hotel here. . [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Oct. 14, 1903]

1904 - The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity of this city celebrated the founding of their society with a banquet at Lanier Hotel tonight. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 10, 1904]

1904 - The Retail Clerks' Protective Association of macon, A. O. H. division, Bibb county, will give its twelfth annual banquet at the Lanier Hotel Thursday, March 17th. . [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 11, 1904]

1904 - The opening of the Lanier Hotel café tonight was a decided social nature and a pronounced success in every sense of the word. During the past few days Mr. and Mrs. Newcomb of the Lanier Hotel have been sending out invitations to the opening and tonight when the doors to the new cagfe were thrown open it was a picture of happiness and pleasure presented. The café, finished in marble and decorated with the rarest flowers and ferns, furnished with the best equipage obtainable, enhanced by the [smudge] society folk in attractive costumes made a pleasant picture. Only cards of invitation were recognized during the evening and the universal verdict when the evening had been passed was that the evening was one of the pleasantest sociably Macon has known this season. The menu was complete and delightful in its every detail while an orchestra dispersed sweet and catchy music during the evening. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 31, 1904]

1904 - 'I never fail', said j. A. Newcombe, of the Lanier Hotel, at Macon yesterday, 'to see some improvement in Atlanta when I come up I often make a run from Macon to Atlanta to attend a little business, and every time I come I am of the opinion that I will find a change from my last visit. I am never disappointed, either, unless that disappointment is in the extent to which the improvement has gone. On every hand I see evidences of improvements, of new buildings, of changes of one kind and another, and although I live in Macon and think the world of that city, I am inclined to feel proud of the growth Atlanta has made. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., August 23, 1904]

1904 - J. A. Newcomb, of Lanier Hotel fame, was among the autographers at the Kimball yesterday. But apart from tracing his name on the register and again writing it on the bottom line of a check, Newcomb did little less than shake hands with friends, old and new. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., August 24, 1904]

1905 - (advertisement) Wanted - woman for linen room; one with experience preferred; must be able to keep linen mended. Address Lanier Hotel, Macon, Ga. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Jan. 7, 1905]

1905 - Plumed Knights in Grand Parade - Nearly Three Hundred Knights Templars in Line at Macon. ...a lunch was served after the exercise of the morning and the meeting adjourned. A parade was the order again tonight, the Knights Templars forming at the Lanier Hotel and marching to Mulberry Street Methodist church, where an address on Tempiarism was delivered byPresident William E. Reynolds of the Georgia Military institute. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., May 11, 1905]

1905 - Horticultural Society Meets. The twenty-night annual session of the Georgia State Horticultural Society will meet... the annual session and the exhibition of fruits, plants and vegetables will be held at the Lanier Hotel. This society was organized in 1876b to promote the fruit growing industry of Georgia. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Aug. 19, 1905]

1905 - Veterans Come to the Reunion. Great Gathering of Ex-Confederates Begins at Macon Wednesday. Veterans from all parts of the state will begin arriving tomorrow for the opening of the state reunion here Wednesday morning. General Clement A. Evans, of Atlanta, will arrive tomorrow... The formation of the parade - Division commander and staff in front of Lanier Hotel. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Nov. 7, 1905]

1906 - SOMETIME IN 1906 - William FOOR became manager of the Hotel Lanier, and his brother, Chester C. Foor, was part owner.

1906 - At a meeting of the stockholders and directors of the Macon Fair Association at the Lanier Hotel tonight, plans were put on foot for the raising of the necessary $3000 as a starter for the Centennial fair next fall. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Feb. 27, 1906]

1906 - Tax Gatherers Hold Convention - Receivers and Collectors Have Good Time at Macon. Mayor welcomes county officers. A most pleasant feature was the luncheon tendered the visitors by the Bibb county officials at the café of the Lanier Hotel. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 15, 1906]

1906 - Saint Omer Commandery, Knights Templar, tendered Deputy Grand Commander John J. Seay, of Rome, a royal reception on his official visit to this body here this evening. The meeting of the commandery was largely attended and the banquet which followed at the Lanier Hotel was a most brilliant affair. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 16, 1906]

1906 - (advertisement) - WANTED - Good cook for café works in the Lanier Hotel, Macon, GA. Address J. A. Newcomb, Macon, GA. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., May 8, 1906]

1906 - (classifieds) - WANTED - Twenty first-class milk cows, Address J. A. Newcomb, Lanier Hotel, Macon, GA. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., June 6, 1906]

1908 - Macon Awarded the State Fair - Telegram Received from Secretary of State Agricultural Society. Immediately after being informed this morning by wire that the state agricultural society had awarded the state fair to Macon in the Gainesville meeting, president Ben L. Jones, of the local temporary association, called for a metting of interested citizens and business men at the Lanier Hotel tomorrow evening. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Aug. 14, 1908]

1908 - He Victimized Many Hotels - Clever Scheme Worked on Lanier Hotel and Other Hostelries. Chief Clerk J. B. Borders of the Lanier Hotel has been working upon plans for the apprehension of one of the cleverest thieves he has met with in his long experience as a hotel man and today he discovered that many hotels of the south have been duped by this clever scheme within the past few weeks. The man came here ostensibly as a traveling representative of a large wholesale house in the east and asked that a check be cashed. The imposter had the stationery and the engraved check of the company he claimed to represent and presented his expense remittance to be cashed. The local hotel man had cashed this company's check many times and of course fell an easy victim. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., August 29, 1908]

1909 - Foor to Leave Macon - Macon, Ga., C. C. Foor is soon to leave his place with the Duval hotel at Jacksonville, and will move to Macon where he will take the management of the Lanier hotel. His brother, William Foor, who has been in charge of the Lanier since Ethridge, Foor & Co. secured it, will take the place made vacant in Jacksonville. N. J. Ethridge, who has been in Jacksonville, will return to Macon. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Feb. 24, 1909]

1910 - Honor Southern Jurists. Macon, GA. Many prominent representatives of the bench and bar of Georgia and the neighboring states have come to Macon to attend a big banquet at the Lanier Hotel tonight in honor of Judge Emory Speer, of the United States district court for the southern district of Georgia. The affair has been arranged in celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Judge Speer's confirmation on the bench of the United States court. [Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE., Feb. 26, 1910]

1911 - Ed H. Racine, a former prominent Georgia hotel keeper, now president of the Great Southern Hotel Company, of Meridian, Miss., who has been seriously ill at the Robertson sanitarium, is convalescing and will probably be able to return home in a few weeks. Mr. Racine is well-known as a former manager of the Lanier Hotel at Macon, and later proprietor of the Hotel Racine at Columbus. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 16, 1911]

1911 - National Convention of Sigma Nus at Macon. The annual convention of the Sigma Nu fraternity met here today, with about 200 delegates, many from other states, in attendance. Tonight a dance and smoker was given at the Macon Volunteers' armory and the Sigma Nu chapter hall, respectively. Tomorrow morning there will be a business meeting, tomorrow afternoon an auto trip around the city, and at night a banquet at the Lanier Hotel. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., April 22, 1911]

1913 - Brown Drops Dead in Hotel Elevator - He Was Receiver for the Lanier - Formerly With the Kimball House. C. W. Brown, Jr., receiver for the Lanier Hotel, dropped dead at midnight tonight as he stepped on the hotel elevator to go to his room. Heart trouble is said to have been the cause. Mr. Brown started in the hotel business ten years ago with the Kimball house in Atlanta. He was with the Lanier from 1905-1909. In 1909 he went to Jacksonville where he was with the Duval and Aragon, returning to Macon last September. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Dec. 16, 1913]

1913 - New Owners Plan Big Improvements for Lanier Hotel. T. W. Hooks and associates of Dublin the new owners of the Lanier Hotel here have announced that extensive improvements will be begun on the hotel at once which when completed will make the hotel one of the most attractive in the state. That portion of the front on Mulberry street will be entirely remodeled a gallery over the street constructed and the entire exterior of the building beautified. In addition, the interior will be renovated and new furniture instilled so that when completed the hostelry will be up to date in every respect. The Lanier was bought by Mr. Hooks and his associates at recent sale conducted by the trustee in bankruptcy for the operating company. The consideration including the purchase price of the holdings of the Macon Hotel company was approximately $150,000. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Dec. 28, 1913]

1914 - Advertisement - Lanier Hotel, Macon, Georgia. Under new management, which takes a personal interest in the welfare of every guest. Rates redued. T. W. Hooks, Proprietor. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Jan. 4, 1914]

1914 - Charles Snipes and Charles Valentine, two painters, were painfully injured at 3 o'clock this afternoon when a scaffold on which they were working in front of the Lanier Hotel gave way and precipitated them to the cement walk, 20 feet below, carrying with them a heavy electric sign. Snipes was badly cut and bruised on the face and head, while Valentine had both ankles and his right wrist sprained and his right arm badly lacerated. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Feb. 10, 1914]

1914 - The S. A. E. fraternity of Mercer university were hosts at a banquet at the Lanier Hotel on Saturday evening. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 8, 1914]

1914 - FEDERATION OF LABOR MEETS IN MACON SOON - Preparations Made for Big Attendance at Convention April 15-18. The largest attendance in the history of the organization is expected April 15-18 at the state convention of the Georgia Federation of Labor, which will be in session here at that time and Macon labor organizations are making elaborate plans for the entertainment of the visitors. The Lanier Hotel has been chosen as headquarters for the convention, and S. B. Marks, president of the state body, is expected here shortly to assist in closing further details. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., March 29, 1914]

1914 - Some club meetings of the week were the Sidney Lanier chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Wednesday afternoon in the parlors of the Lanier Hotel. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., April 5, 1914]

1914 - The May meeting of the Mary Hammond Washington chapter, D. A. R., was held Monday afternoon in the parlors of the Lanier Hotel. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., May 17, 1914]

1914 - Of course, the cabaret dinner at the Lanier Hotel on Tuesday evening was the event of the week, and complimentary echoes of the entertainers still mingle with the pleasant recollections of those who were entertained. The tables were arranged in the long café, and the appointments were as attractive as at a private home. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., June 21, 1914]

1914 - local sign painters are busy preparing life sized busts of Governor Slaton and signs to be used in the interest of his campaign. One big picture of the governor will be six by nine feet in size and will be placed at the entrance to the Lanier Hotel where Governor Slaton has engaged the entire fourth floor as convention headquarters. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., August 29, 1914]

1914 - T. R. Turner, of Haddocks, Jones county, was today at noon formally nominated as state senator from the twenty-first senatorial district at a meeting of the district convention held at the Lanier Hotel. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Sept. 1, 1914]

1914 - MACON PREPARING FOR 1,500 GUESTS AT MASONIC MEETING. With the annual meeting of the grand lodge of Georgia Masons only ten days off, Macon is now preparing for the reception and entertainment of the 1,500 delegates who will be in attendance, this being the permanent home of the grand lodge of Georgia. The hotels are preparing to take care of the majority of them, the Lanier Hotel having been chosen by the grand master, R. L. Colding, of Savannah, as official headquarters. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Oct. 18, 1914]

1915 - One of the most brilliant affairs of the season was the colonial ball given at the Lanier Hotel under the auspices of the Macon chapter of the Children of the Confederady. Grown-ups and young people were present, attired in costumes representing three periods of American history - confederate, colonial and puritan. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Jan. 24, 1915]

1915 - "... The committee urges that those desiring to enter cars in this tour do so at once communicating with T. W. Hooks, chairman of entries committee and proprietor of the Lanier Hotel, Macon. [Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA., Sept. 11, 1915]

1931 - Flames Wreck Macon Hotel, Civil War Base - Headquarters of Georgia's Government Swept by $100,000 Fire. The left wing of the 95-year-old Lanier Hotel, headquarters of the state government while Sherman was marching through Georgia, burned early today and the rest of the six-story structure except the fire-proof right wing was badly damaged. So far as could be determined, all the approximately 150 guests escaped, most of them in pajamas or nightgowns. T. W. Hooks, owner of the hotel, estimated the damage at $100,000, which did not include the property of guests destroyed. Origin of the fire was not determined. It began shortly before 1 a.m. and the blaze burst through the roof and windows a few minutes later. Miss Louis Calhoun, the telephone operator, aroused the guests from her switchboard and most of them sped to the street. All the city's fire apparatus was mobilized, but for more than an hour the fire raged out of control and threatened an entire downtown business block. It was brought under control shortly after 3 a.m. The hotel was one of the most historic in the state. The Civil War governor, Joseph E. Brown, took refuge there with his staff when Sherman neared Atlanta and most of the state business was transacted there for several months. Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy, was a guest of the hotel during the war and spent the first night there after his capture by Federal forces in a nearby town. [Syracuse Herald, Syracuse, NY., June 19, 1931]

1946 - Telephone Operator Awakens Guests - Macon, GA., Dec. 25. A telephone operator possibly prevented a repetition of Atlanta's tragic hotel Winecoff fire when a Christmas Eve blaze gutted a section of Lanier Hotel here. Miss Marjorie Bishop, 30, remained calmly at her switchboard, warning guests as glames gnawed at a section of the six-story, 165-room hostelry, a Georgia landmark since the war between the states. Almost 300 persons were evacuated from the hotel. Only two persons received minor injuries from flying glass. Fireman said three couples were removed by ladder from a four[th?]-floor room. Miss Bishop's action, alert fire department work, and the efficiency of two Negro elevator operators were credited with holding down the casualty list. Some 25 rooms of one wing of the hotel were gutted but officials today had not made an estimate of the fire damage. Miss Bishop said that two unidentified sailors approached her at the switchboard shortly before midnight last night and told her that the hotel's upper floors were aflame. 'I thought they were kidding at first', she said. 'But they were too serious'. She said she started calling guests and telling them to come downstairs. [Nevada State Journal, Reno, NV., Dec. 26, 1946]