"The Great Southern Hotel, 310 High Street, Columbus, Ohio, opened August 23, 1897. The first general manager was J. M. Lee who lasted 10 months. William Foor replaced him and after 10 months the hotel was placed in receivership. The court appointed receiver (Ben Harmon) stated, 'Manager Foor, who has been in charge of the hotel for the past ten months, will remain, and there will be no change in the present force of employees. The conditions that lead up to the appointment of a receiver can in no way be attributed to Mr. Foor, for under his direction then hotel has held its own, something it is said it did not do until he was entrusted with it's management'." [Tom Baker, Gen. Mgr. Westin Great Southern Hotel, Columbus, Ohio, Aug. 2003]. Mr. Baker submitted two pictures of the hotel, shown here.

Great Southern Hotel, Columbus, Ohio

Great Southern Hotel

Inside the Great Southern Hotel

You are viewing two photos of the Great Southern Hotel, Columbus, Ohio. Photos were submitted by Tom Baker, General Manager of the Westin Great Southern Hotel in August 2003.

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