The Francis Marion

Charleston, SC

Info from the Francis Marion Hotel website states that from 1915-1940, Charleston, South Carolina "was a vibrant community filled with artists, writers, and painters. Not only did local artists come to prominence during this time, but also many national artists, such as Edward Hopper, visited and were influenced by life in Charleston. Of course -- the famous 1920s dance craze, the Charleston, began in the dance halls of its namesake and not only swept the nation, but also defined an era. Another of the long lasting works from the Charleston Renaissance is the story of Porgy and Bess. The novel, written by Dubose Heyward in 1925, went on to become a stage play and later the opera by George Gershwin.

The hotel was named after the Revolutionary War hero, Francis Marion. The hotel opened in 1924 and "has a long tradition of gracious service, elegant accomodations, and hosting spendid banquets." It was restored in 1996.