Foor Reunion Photo?

Foor Reunion Photo?

The following message and photo are from Jil Loewit, October 2007.

I received this photo from Kenton Zane Harclerode (grandson of Sarah Margaret Foor Harclerode). He is unsure of who the group of people are in the photo and where it was taken. He had believed it was a group of Harclerodes, but I think it might be a group of Foors. I am related to the Harclerodes through Sarah's husband, Joseph Ranson Harlerode. Joseph was my great-uncle (his brother, Samuel Francis Harclerode was my great-grandfather). After looking at many photos of Foors on your website, I am somewhat sure these people are Foors or related to Foors. I was wondering if you could please post this photo on your website and ask people to email me if they recognize anyone? My email address:

I did look at your reunion info and found that there was a Foor reunion in Cypher, PA on Sept. 3, 1917 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Foor. I am wondering if this photo was taken at this reunion? The Foors that I am related to were from Bedford County, PA area, and I believe that Cypher is located in that area or near by. So if anyone could tell me if this is from that reunion or the 1918 reunion ,then I would greatly appreciate it. It is a great photo. Iwas given the original photo by Kenton. Please email me back with your thoughts on this photo. Have you ever seen it before? Thanks for your help. From Jil Loewit

P.S. The only other people that I think these people could be related to is the "Satterfield" family of Six Mile Run, PA. Kenton's deceased wife, Mary was from that family. So I believe that these people are either Foors or Satterfields. I am more inclined to believe it was Foors. The photo looks like it was taken in the fall (no leaves on some of the trees in the background), so this would possibly tie into the theory of it being the 1917 Foor reunion that was held in September of that year.

If anyone can identify anyone in this photo, please let me know!

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