Foor/Foore Family Reunions

"First of all - the annual Foor reunion is held the 1st Saturday of August at the Foor reunion grounds located adjacent to the RAYS COVE Christian Church near BREEZEWOOD, Pa. According to our records the first one was held in 1909 and it has been at the same location every year since, with the exception of one year in the early 1900's when it was moved to Everett, Pa.

A count is taken and this year at noon there were 730 present. This has been the average number for several years. Each family gathers at a pavilion which they own and maintain. There is a business meeting, games for all ages, entertainment by a country band and raffle tickets are sold for donated prizes to be chanced off. This year $1400.00 worth of tickets were sold. The proceeds go to pay for upkeep of grounds, entertainment, electric bills,etc.

Prizes are awarded for each year in different categories. For 2006 some of them were: Oldest military veteran- Ruth Foor - served as army nurse in WWII, Oldest person present - Fred Foor - age 91, Traveled the greatest distance - a young lady from the Netherlands who was visiting with a family of Foors, and Attended most consecutive reunions - Edna Foor age 82 who has never missed one.

During 2005-2006, a new military honor roll was built to replace one that was deteriorated.

I can verify this information as my husband Marlin Foor has served as president of the Foor Reunion Association for 20 plus years and I have attended all the reunions since our marriage in 1960."

From email by Doris Foor, August 9, 2006


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