Fairfield County, Ohio, Divorces

Info extracted from Lancaster, Ohio newspapers; Date shown is publication date.

Name (usually plaintiff) action Name (usually defendant) publication date charges date of marriage Maiden name of female Notes
Abbit Lida filed divorce suit Ernest Abbitt July 6, 1927 wilfil absense for more than 3 y      
Allebaugh Oscar granted divorce Martha Allebaugh April 22, 1918 wilful absence for more than 3 years   Householder, Martha name restored to Martha Householder.
Baer Bessie granted divorce Jefferson Baer February 5, 1917 gross neglect of duty and wilful absence for three years      
Baumgardner May Queen granted divorce Finley M. Baumgartner January 19, 1917 gross neglect and failure to provide   Behrens, May Queen restored to maiden name of May Queen Behrens
Beaty [not named] granted divorce George Beaty December 20, 1917 wilful absense for more than 3 years     Plaintiff given care and custody of minor ch: Evelyn and Mildred.
Black Frank granted divorce Bessie Black March 10, 1917 wilful absence for more than 3 years      
Black Frank granted divorce Bessie Black March 10, 1917 wilful absense for more than 3 years      
Bowen Florida D. granted divorce Irvin Bowen March 2, 1915 wilfil absense for more than 3 y     Florida is of Violet township
Bowman Mary granted divorce John T. Bowman January 22, 1917 extreme cruelty      
Brigode Flora M. files divorce suit Earl Brigode November 12, 1917 extreme cruelty, drunkeness March 22, 1915 at Cattlesburg, KY   no children born to them.
Brooks Frank filed divorce suit Alice Brooks March 27, 1917 wilful desertion for 3 years, wilful absence. Refused to live with him or perform duties of a wife. Took all the household goods. Jan. 15, 1882   Ch. Born to them: Chester, 21; Roy 19.
Bruney Berta granted divorce Roy Bruney March 13, 1915 cruelty and abusive language     One child awarded the mother, and one the father.
Burton Leola filed divorce suit Mark Burton September 7, 1917 unfaithfulness, won't discontinue his association with lewd women. Jan. 23, 1915   One ch: Laura Belle Burton, 1y.
Claxton Mary Frances granted divorce Charley Crawford Claxton July 10, 1918 wilful absence for more than 3 years, gross neglect of duty     Name restored to Mary Frances C. Day.
Claxton Mary Frances C. filed divorce suit Charley Crawford Claxton May 28, 1918 Husband abandoned her 9 years ago. Neglected and refused to support her. Aug. 5, 1906 Paris, TN Ray no ch born to them.
Cody Lucy E. files divorce suit Fred Cody December 20, 1917 wilful absence for more than 3 years Jan. 29, 1906   ch: Samuel, aged 11; Selina, 6; James, deceased; Stanley, 4.
Crampton Ida Belle granted divorce Emanuel V. Crampton October 27, 1917 gross neglect of duty      
Cruit Bertha E. filed divorce suit John T. Cruit March 16, 1917 gross neglect; failure to provide except upon order of the courts. Wilful absence for more than 3 years. May 21, 1911 at Lancaster   two sons: Bernard, 6; Raymond, 4. Plaintiff claims husband is a street car conductor and makes $25/week, and is heir to the estate of Robert Cruit, late of Hocking twp.
Dunlap Abbie filed divorce suit Clair Dunlap February 15, 1917 wilful absence for more than 3 years; gross neglect of duty and failure all their married life to provide for her a home, food and clothing. Oct. 10, 1911 O[a?]rs, Abbie no children born to them. Maiden name Abbie O[a?]rs. Defendant resident of Champaign co.
Early John files cross petition Mary Early December 3, 1917 adultery, gross neglect of duty.     he denies that he guilty of cruelty. He never assaulted or mistreated her in anyway and has been faithful.
Early Mary filed divorce suit John Early October 23, 1917 extreme cruelty, kicking her out of bed, assaulting her with a butcher knife 1903    
Emde Christie E. filed divorce suit Donna R. Emde September 17, 1917 false misrepresentation as chaste woman. June 18, 1917 Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV   July 12, 1917 they moved to his parents at Sugar Grove. On July 14, 1917 he reported for military duty. Wife gave birth to fully developed baby Aug. 29, 1917 while the first time they met was in April
England Chloa A. files divorce suit Walter E. England November 15, 1917 defendant is in State Penitentiary since 1916; forgery Feb. 25, 1910   their ch: Lucile, 5 and Eleanor 2 1/2.
Fairchild Brunella filed divorce suit Charles T. Fairchilds December 3, 1917 extreme cruelty, coming home intoxicated, striking her with open hand, calling her vile names      
Fast Mary E. filed cross petition Fast Pearl David May 17, 1918 wilful absence for more than 3 years prior to the filing of his petition.      
Fellers Emma filed divorce suit Earnest Fellers September 8, 1917 wilful absence for more than 3 years; neglect, failure to provide Sep. 6, 1902 in Fairfield county Welsh, Emma no children living of this union.
Fellers Emma granted divorce Earnest Fellers April 24, 1918 wilful absence and failure to provide   Welsh, Emma restored name to Emma Welsh
Fierce Luella granted divorce John Fierce April 17, 1915 gross neglect and adultery   Hankinson, Luella maiden name restored.
Finley Helen filed divorce suit Robert Finley March 27, 1929   Jan. 27, 1917   4 ch. Husband is in Penitentiary for 1-3 years for non-support.
Ford Virgil filed divorce suit Opal Ford July 13, 1918 coerced and intimidated into marrying her, and she had him arrested for bastardy. After marriage she told him in presence of others that he was not the father of her child. He was married at age 20.      
Foster Josephine filed divorce suit David S. Foster October 18, 1917 husband abandoned her a year after marriage; refused to provide for her or her two dau. Oct. 1915 Murphy She is of Lancaster - maiden name Murphy; he is farmer and banker of Thornville.
Gaffney Carl S. filed divorce suit Sylvia Gaffne March 29, 1917 unfaithful, deserted home about August 25, 1916 leaving for parts unknown. May 15, 1914   no children born to them.
Garey Alise Harlow filed divorce suit Archie Garey April 2, 1915 extreme cruelty and gross neglect of duty. Spit in her face. Deserted her and furnishes no support. March 18, 1914 Fairfield county Harlow No children born to them.
Garey Alise Harlow granted divorce Archie Garey May 27, 1915 gross neglect and extreme cruelty   Harlow, Alise Name restored to Alise Harlow
Gary Laura granted divorce John Gary January 12, 1929        
Gaylord Arthur G. denies wife's petition Maude M. Gaylord October 10, 1917 asks for the dismissal of wife's petition     he denies adultery. Claims he bought a lot and built a house and his wife did not contribute.
Gaylord Mary M. granted divorce Arthur G. Gaylord November 28, 1917 gross neglect of duty   Lancaster, Maude M. the charge of adultery was droped. Maiden name restored; Maude M. Lancaster.
Goss Perry granted divorce Lucinda Goss April 17, 1915 gross neglect and wilful absense for more than 3 years      
Greeneltch Florence filed divorce suit Walter E. Greeneltch April 15, 1915 extreme cruelty (assaulted her on one occasion wile intoxicated). As a result she remained in her room for 3 weeks Gross neglect and failure to provice March 15, 1913 at Newport, KY   No children born to them.
Greer Logan filed divorce suit Edna Greer May 24, 1918 extreme cruelty; assaulted by throwing broken dishes. Associates with undesirable people of questionable reputation, attends public dances against his wishes, has come home intoxicated. Left home May 15, 1918 and says she has another guy caring for her. Feb. 4, 1914 at Portsmouth, OH    
Harris Marie   Henry K. Harris November 11, 1926 gross neglect     mother given custody of children
Hedges Berten filed cross petition Ethel Hedges June 12, 1915 gross neglect of duty; she abandoned him Sept. 18, 1914. Unfaithfulness     Denies all of her allegations; asks for custody of minor sons Edgar and Harold Hedges.
Heffner Mame granted divorce Granville Heffner June 1, 1918 gross neglect     defendant awarded custody of daughter Clarabelle; son Ralph William Heffner in Children's Home - def. To pay costs of his support while he is there.
Highley Howard granted divorce Naoma Highley April 30, 1929 extreme cruelty      
Hine Oliver filed divorce suit Florence Hine May 14, 1918 desertion and wilfully absent Oct. 30, 1897 Cheyenne, WY   no ch born to them.
Hines Viola M. filed divorce suit Clarance B. Hines March 29, 1929 extreme cruelty and failure to provide May 29, 1907   9 ch 5 living
Hodgson Grace F. divorced modified John N. Hodgson July 3, 1918 full settlement of alimony of upaid and future installments.     initial decree of alimony issued March 2, 1908.
Holiday Francis A. filed divorce suit Mary Holiday April 30, 1915 desertion and abandonment      
Horn Maggie granted divorce Harry Horn April 30, 1915 failure to provide; willful absense for over 3 y     given custody of her child
Horn Maggie May filed divorce suit Harry Horn March 9, 1915 wilful absense for more than 3 years May 11, 1907 Sullivan, Maggie May ch: Donald Henry Horn aged 6 years. Maiden name: Maggie May Sullivan
Hoy John W. filed divorce suit Ida M. Hoy October 6, 1917 gross neglect of duty, cruelty, unfaithfulness Sept. 24,, 1910 at Lancaster   whereabouts of defendant unknown.
Hoy John W. granted divorce Ida M. Hoy November 19, 1917 gross neglect of duty and cruelty      
Hunter Laura A. filed divorce suit Earnest P. Hunter April 14, 1917 cruelty, failure to provide. July 26, 1891   one son born to them: Donald S. Hunter, 17.
Kauffman Porter W. filed divorce suit Lillian Kaufman August 9, 1918 gross neglect. Deserted and abandoned him Aug. 22, 1917 without just cause. June 27, 1916 Columbus   one ch: Edward Stanley Kaufmann, age 1. Asking for custody of ch.
Kemmerer Milton Winfield filed divorce suit Estella McCleery Kemmerer August 13, 1918 wilfil absense for more than 3 y Oct 3, 1898 in Fairfield Co.   6 ch born to them.
Kesler Millie files suit Mary E. Clark January 4, 1929       Mrs. Kesler brought suit for divorce recently from husband Alvy Kesler because "she has lost the society, affection and services of her husband... because he was enticed away by the defendant and now she has been shamed and dishonored by her husband's alleged conduct".
Kinser Dora filed divorce suit George Kinser February 21, 1929   June 21, 1923   asking for alimony and support of child
Kocher Adah granted divorce Ross Kocher October 8, 1917 gross neglect of duty     $250 alimony
Kunkler John W. answers wife's petition Anna Kunkler June 24, 1918 filed answers of general denial; asks court to dismiss charges      
Lake Bertha M. granted divorce Howard C. Lake April 23, 1918 wilfil absense for more than 3 y     Bertha given custody of the 3 ch.
Lewis Arabella files cross petition Lemuel Lewis March 19, 1915 he abandoned her on Sep. 1, 1913 and been living with a woman     Denies husbands claim and says she's always performed her marital duties and has been a kind and indulgent wife. No children. His suit was filed last Sept. He now resides in St. Louis, MO.
Lutz May Queen filed divorce suit Lester Lutz January 15, 1926 been absent for over 3 years      
Mack Clara J. filed divorce suit Charles A. Mack June 1, 1915 gross neglect, failure to provide. August 6, 1906   no children born to them.
Matheny Willis granted divorce     January 31, 1917 gross neglect and abandonment      
McCarthy Elizabeth filed divorce suit Harold J. McCarthy March 20, 1929 gross neglect August 13, 1918   2 ch
McClenaghan May Queen asks for modifications Charles McCleneghan May 6, 1918 Was awarded custody of all ch; now asking ex-husband to care for Wendell, Neil and George declaring she is unable to furnish them with home, food and clothing.      
McCleneghan May Queen granted divorce Charles McCleneghan November 16, 1917 curelty and excessive use of intoxicating liquors     wife given care and custody of minor children
McCurdy Edna J. filed divorce suit Robert B. McCurdy April 9, 1915 disregard of marital duties and wilful absence for more than 3 years Jan. 17, 1904 at Lancaster Carter No children born to them. Following Edna's name it lists "colored"; nothing behind Robert's name.
McGranaham Reed granted divorce Kate McGranahan March 10, 1917 wilful absence for more than 3 years      
McGranahan Reed granted divorce Kate McGranahan March 10, 1917 wilful absense for more than 3 years      
Mertz Catherine E. granted divorce Fred G. Mertz June 1, 1918 wilful absence for more than 3 years; gross neglect of duty.      
Miller William filed divorce suit Mary Miller May 14, 1918 abandoned. Oct. 4, 1913 at Lancaster by Rev. Mercer.   No ch. Born to union. 11 days after marriage, on Oct. 15, def. abandoned him and kept whereabouts a secret. He was a dutiful husband.
Miller William granted divorce Mary Miller June 29, 1918 gross neglect of duty and wilful absence for more than three years      
Minnemeyer Lillian B. files divorce suit Walter G. Minnemeyer June 10, 1918 wilful absence of over 3 years, extreme cruelty. June 4, 1907   one ch: Dorothy J. age 8. Def. earns over $5000/yr at glass fac. as representative and resides in Chicago.
Mirgon Nellie May granted divorce Leo Mirgon November 9, 1917 gross neglect      
Morris Grace L. filed divorce suit Joseph Morris March 17, 1917 gross neglect and extreme cruelty     parents of 2 children; def. Resident of Canton.
Myers Sheridan seeks separation Mary Palmer Myers October 22, 1917 wilful absence 1913   resided in Rushcreek twp where he owns several hundred acres. Only lived together 6 months when wife went to live with father.
Myers Sheridan granted divorce Mary Palmer Myers October 23, 1917 wilful absence     Sheridan of Rushcreek Twp.
Neibling Charles Arthur filed divorce suit Mamie Marie Neibling August 3, 1918 gross neglect of duty. Wife left home Jan. 11, 1918; abandonment. Has had to cook own meals and perform household duty. Nov. 8, 1915 at Columbus    
Newman Ida Lee filed cross petition and granted divorce Hershey Silas Newman May 25, 1918 gross neglect of duty     Ida awarded custody of minor ch: Bernard Elmer and George Herbert Newman
Odell Ray filed divorce suit Sarah Odell June 8, 1918 wilful absence for more than 3 years. March 23, 1895, Logan, OH   3 ch: Oscar, 15, George, 19, and Lillian Nixon 22.
Odenthal Mattie filed divorce suit Raymond Odenthal April 17, 1915 abandoned her on March 27, 1912, and has been absent for 3 years. Whereabouts unknown. He left with another woman. March 2, 1905 at Lancaster   children: Albert born Sept. 7, 1905, and James April 2, 1907.
Odenthal Mattie granted divorce Raymond Odenthal May 29, 1917 gross neglect and desertion      
Pinney Elizabeth granted divorce Martin Pinney March 14, 1917 gross neglect of duty     wife given custody of children & alimony
Plank John W. granted divorce Kate Plank February 16, 1915        
Rhodes Dora filed divorce suit Pearl L. Rhodes April 9, 1918 wilful absence and neglect     Pearl is residing in Norfolk, VA. Case #14248.
Rhodes Dora granted divorce Pearl L. Rhodes May 2, 1918 wilfil absense for more than 3 y     Dora given custody of children.
Riser Catherine granted divorce Oscar Riser February 9, 1926 gross neglect     Catherine gets custody of 2 ch
Riser Freda filed amended divorce suit Harley Riser June 5, 1915 gross neglect and failure to provide and extreme cruelty. He threatened to shoot her. May 4, 1914, Windsor, Ontario   one child born to them.
Roth Catherine filed divorce suit Robert Roth May 2, 1929 gross neglect      
Sadler Clara M. filed divorce suit Clarence M. Sadler January 11, 1917 gross neglect, extreme cruelty, habitual drunkeness for more than 3 years. 25 Nov 1915 at Lancaster   One child born to them: Eloise B. Saddler, aged 6 weeks.
Seesholtz Helen B. files suit Guy V. Seesholtz January 7, 1915 gross neglect of duty and failure to provide 14 Oct 1911 in Lancaster   one child who died at 15 mon.
Seesholtz Helen B. granted divorce Guy V. Seesholtz March 8, 1915 gross neglect of duty      
Sherburn Lucy E. granted divorce John Sherburn April 25, 1918 gross neglect of duty and extreme cruelty     Lucy given custody of minor ch: Harley, Emerson and Goldie.
Shields Flo filed divorce suit Hugh Shields April 15, 1929 cruelty & gross neglect 22 Aug 1905; div. Remarried in Covington, KY. Jan 13, 1926   Asks for alimony
Shorr Donna granted divorce Lloyd Shorr February 5, 1929 gross neglect      
Smith Ibbie granted divorce James M. Smith January 23, 1917 habitual drunkeness and cruelty     Mr. Smith a barber in Carroll. Ex-wife gets custody of children and $75 alimony.
Smith Muriel filed divorce suit Nelson Smith April 10, 1918 abandoned her March 31, 1918; taking other women out riding in his auto against her protests. March 16, 1916   No ch born to them. Def. Works for Hocking Glass Co. for $40/wk.
Smith Ollie S. granted divorce Clara Smith March 26, 1915 gross neglect      
Springer James T. granted divorce Alice Springer June 1, 1918 wilful absence for more than 3 years.   Clarke, Alice def.'s name restored to maiden name of Alice Clarke.
Staniford Margaret   William Staniford September 25, 1926 gross neglect      
Stump Emma A. granted divorce Frank H. Stump March 8, 1915 gross neglect of duty     Emma gets custody of minor ch.
Taylor Hazel granted divorce Joseph H. Taylor January 28, 1915 faiilure to provide     Hazel gets exclusive custody of children.
Taylor Mary Susanna wants temporary alimony Oliver Leslie Taylor February 7, 1917       wanted for minor children
Templeman Willis filed divorce suit Muriel Templeman February 24, 1917 extreme cruelty, cursed him, and on Oct. 5 violently struck him. She left and never returned. Secretly met other unknown men. June 21, 1916 at Columbus   no children born to them.
Thomas Milton O. files divorce suit Anna M. Thomas November 5, 1917 wilful absence for over 3 years July 26, 1892, Webb Summit, Hocking Co.   6 children born to them.
Thomas Milton O. granted divorce Anna M. Thomas May 3, 1918 wilful absence more than 3 years.     Milton given custody of minor son Harley Thomas and def. Custody of minor ch: Frank & Ella Thomas.
VanSurea Anna S. filed divorce suit William C. VanSurea August 5, 1918 failure to provide for more than 3 y. Profane language Jan. 6, 1891 at Logansport, IN   living off charity of others. Ch born to unio: Frederick, 25; Arthur, 26; Mary, 22; Blanche, 16; Carl 9. William's whereabouts unknown.
Wagner Ebert granted divorce Cora Wagner February 8, 1929 gross neglect      
Weakley Margaret Elma filed divorce suit Forest V. Weakley April 17, 1917 gross neglect of duty and failure to provide Jan. 16, 1914 at Lancaster   one ch. Born to them: Kenneth Wayne Weakley, 3.
Webb Georgia filed divorce suit Charles Webb January 11, 1915 gross neglect of duty Dec. 5, 1913 Zanesville    
Webb Georgia granted divorce Charles Webb March 15, 1915 gross neglect     Georgia gets custody of minor child
Wiles Lydia filed divorce suit John Wiles January 30, 1915 gross neglect for more than 3 years, neglected to furnisher her with home, food and clothing; squandered his earnings   Wolf, Lydia Asks for alimony and restoration of her maiden name, Lydia Wolf
Wiles Lydia granted divorce John Wiles March 16, 1915 gross neglect and failure to provide for more than 3 years     awarded $200 alimony. Name restored to Lydia Wolf.
Williams Grace filed divorce suit William Williams February 24, 1915 failure to provide; willful absense for over 3 y 12 Oct 1915 Pickerington   one child, Bowin.
Wilson Arthur granted divorce Marie Wilson April 30, 1915 adultery      
Wolf Emma Mae granted divorce David Wolfe January 21, 1915 gross neglect of duty and failure to provide for wife & ch.     minor child was Walter Leroy Wolfe. Charges filed because David is in the Ohio Penitentiary.
Wolfe Virgil C. filed divorce suit Eva Lee Wolf June 11, 1918 gross neglect; refuses to go to Columbus; hasn't lived with him as wife in over a year. April 27, 1905 at Lancaster   ch: Frankl L. b March 13, 1906, and Virgil Neil born July 11, 1911.
Zeigler Della filed divorce suit Grover C. Zeigler May 27, 1915 gross neglect of duty and failure to provide though he was well able as a meat cutter to do so. July ?, [1906?] at Lancaster   two children: William R., 5, Mary E., 4.


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