Abraham Van Courtright's Will

This is a copy of the will of Abram Van Courtright copied from an original by Dr. Dudley Van Courtright for inclusion in the Courtright family book published by him and copied from pages 31 -35 by Charles A. McKinley in April of 2000. Courtrights/Kortyks Heer Publish Company 1923, Columbus, Ohio, of which I have a copy.


This is the last will and testament of Abram Van Courtright: I direct all my just debts, my funeral and testamentary expenses be paid and satisfied and I charge my personally estate not herein after specially bequeathed with the payment thereof. I give and devise unto my loving wife Effa the use during her natural life of the farm that I am now possessed of being a part of the west half of Sec. No. 23 Township No. 14 in Range No. 20 Bloom Township to Wit the East Half of said Section estimated to contain one hundred sixty-four 44/10 acres excepting such part thereof as is hereafter particularly devised to my son Abram Van Courtright, and also I give and bequeath her the use of two cows, a horse, saddle and bridle and them to be taken at her election, during her natural life. I further give to her the use of all house hold goods and furniture of every nature and kind during her natural life and also I give her all of my wearing apparel and such part of the crop that may be on hand or in the ground and of the stock of provisions on hand at my death as shall be amply sufficient for her support for one year and that to be set off to her. I give to my son John Courtright and his heirs 30 acres of the above described tract of land to be taken out of same in the following manner to wit: Beginning at the South East corner, then west twenty rods, then North parallel with the East line of same so far that a line parallel with the first line will be a line South parallel with the second line include the quantity above stated, he or they to cone into the possession thereof at or upon the death of my said wife. I give to my son Jesse D. Courtright $550 to be paid to him by my son Abram Van Courtright as herein afterwards specified.

I give and devise to my son Abram Van Courtright and his heirs the remainder and residue of the tract of land aforesaid he or they to come into possession thereof at the death of my said wife, he paying to my son Jesse D. Or his heirs the said legacy of $550 to wit $130 one year after the death of my said wife and $140 two years and $130 three years and $150 four years after the death and also the further sum of $60 to my daughter as herein expressed, and it is my will that in case of my son Abram Van or his heirs should be unfortunate and rendered unable to make the payments as above stated and the same should not be made, then in such case I give and devise that said land to my son Jesse D, and his heirs he or they paying to my son Abram Van or his heirs the appraised value of said tract of land after deducting the amount of $610 or part thereof as shall remain unpaid, the same to be paid in four equal yearly installments, in either case the land is to stand charged for the payment of said $610. I give to Abram Van the immediate use of 5 acres of the improved meadow on said tract to be designated by my said wife and 5 acres of the plough land that he is now in possession of and the privilege to clear and improve such other parts of the above mentioned tract of land that may be unimproved at the time of my death as he may and shall deem proper and during the life of my said wife except the part given to John, I give and devise to my daughter Margaret McFarland and her heirs and equal half in quantity of what I know own of the North East quarter of Sec. 23 Township No. 14 in Range 20 to be taken in the Southwest corner of said quarter and to extend to the land by me deeded (Christian Faney) and I give her $30 to be paid to her by my son Abram Van or his heirs one year after the death of my said wife, I give and devise to my said executors in trust for my daughter Christiania Cahoon and the heirs of her body begotten the other half in quantity of the last mentioned tract by me now owned to be taken in the Southeast corner to extend north to the land by deeded to my son JOHN and in case she dies without heirs of her body I give and devise the said land shall enjoy possess and act with the said land during her coverture with her present husband as Feme Sole, and that the same in no manner shall be subject to his control and if she shall outlive her said husband then the said land shall be her property, and I give to her Christiania $30 to be paid to her by my said son Abram Van and she shall pay to her yearly after the death of my said wife the interest of said $30 at her request and for her own and sole use and benefit as a feme sole. I give and devise to my said Daughters after the death of their mother all the household goods and furniture the use of which is above given to my said wife to be equally divided between them but in case either should die without heirs of her body before their mother then it is my will that survivor should have all the goods and furniture aforesaid. But in case my wife should die before Henry Cahoon, husband of my daughter Christiana my other said daughter living the said goods and furniture shall be valued and the whole delivered to her, upon her giving security to pay the amount of one-half the valuation thereof; and the yearly interest to said Christiana upon her request for her sole benefit and use during he present coverture and the principle to her upon the death of her said husband.

After the death of my said wife the cow and horse the use whereof is herein given to her and all the residue of my personal property not herein specially bequeathed, after the payment before mentioned and provided I give to my said Three sons equally to be divided. And whereas I have a claim to certain land situate in Luzerne County state of Pennsylvania which I hold a title bond which I put into the hand of Daniel Montgomery of Columbia County state aforementioned. Now whatever money as can be obtained for such land or claim that I will give and devise the same shall be divided equally among my children’s share and share alike to their heirs. I will and devise unto my two grandsons Abram, the son of JOHN COURTRIGHT and Abram Van the son of my son Abram Van, Lot 21 in Greencastle in the county of Fairfield and in either case of them die without lineal heirs of his body then I give and devise the same to the survivor and his heirs and I further will that in case Margaret McFarland should die before her mother then in that case my executors shall dispose of one half of the goods and furniture willed to my two Daughters and secure to Christiana the interest during her present coverture and the principle at the death of her husband or the whole in case Margaret shall die without lineal heirs Pennsylvania willed to Christiana and secure to her the interest and principle as last above provided, and I hereby nominate my son Jesse D. and my friend Philemon Behner executors of this my last will and testament and lastly I hereby revoke all former wills made by me and I declare this to be my last will and testament contained in two sheets.

In WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my several seal this the Twenty Seventh of October in the year of our Lord Christ A.D. 1817.

Delivered in the present of us.

Henry Roller

Hugh Caneson

James Daniel Abraham V. Courtright

(The above is copied from the original by me (D.V.C.)


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