Fairfield County, Ohio, Divorces

Info extracted from the Lancaster Daily Eagle newspaper, Lancaster, Ohio. Date shown is publication date of the newspaper.

The charges brought forth, and shown below, were often contested or the defendent would file a counter petition. Charges that were brought forth at the first half of the year, I did try to find the end court result but was not always successful. Those charges brought forth toward the end of the year may not have gone to court until the following year, and therefore, not shown in this listing.

Name (often the plaintiff) action Name (often the defendant) newspaper publication date charges date of marriage maiden name  
Altman Amanda M. granted divorce Earl W. Altman April 16, 1926 gross neglect of duty and extreme cruelty      
Andrews Delma filed divorce suit Vercoe Andrews November 23, 1926       suit filed by 'next friend' Mary Barber. Vercoe's whereabouts unknown.
Azbell Walter filed divorce suit Virginia M. Azbell August 27, 1926       Case #16578, asking also for custody of monor children. Virginia in Columbus but residence unknown.
Barbiers Ferdinand S. filed divorce suit Eliza Barbiers November 17, 1926 wilful absence for more than 3 years     Wife resides at 41 Hesse Plein, Antwerp, Belgium.
Bartley Mildred filed divorce suit; amended Frank A. Bartley December 8, 1926 gross neglect of duty      
Bauman Frederick granted divorce Jennie Bauman July 21, 1926 divorce granted on cross petition. He was Jennie's 5th husband.      
Beck Anna case dismissed James Beck October 11, 1926        
Beck Carrie M. filed divorce suit Harry F. Beck November 3, 1926 gross neglect of duty   Beck, Carrie M. Maiden name listed in several future legal notices as "Carrie M. Beck".
Belle Lillie May filed divorce suit Harry D. Belle July 19, 1926 failure to support. August 27, 1915   1 ch: Lulu May Belle.
Boyer Ruth M. filed divorce suit Harvey Boyer November 4, 1926 extreme cruelty     Being a minor, her 'next friend' Jessie Householder filed petition. They have one child.
Brigode Flora filed divorce suit Earl Brigode October 21, 1926 desertion   Littrell, Flora His whereabouts unknown. Case set for Dec. 3.
Britch Bertha filed divorce suit Charles E. Britch October 30, 1926 non-support      
Chappius Myrtle Belle filed divorce suit Rufus Chappins July 19, 1926 struck and choked her more times than she can remember. Stindy.     4ch: Maurice 23, Mildred 21, Lucile 15, Margaret 12
Coombs Helen M. filed divorce suit Robert T. Coombs August 21, 1926 gross neglect of duty Sept. 25, 1922 Chicago   1 ch: Barbara, 11 months.
Corson Sarah filed divorce suit Wm. W. Corson December 15, 1926 gross neglect, failure to provide clothing.      
Corson Wm. W. files cross petition Sarah Corson December 15, 1926 nagger, ill natured, frequently cursed and swore at him.      
Dewitt Ethel filed divorce suit Edward DeWitt July 8, 1926 gross neglect of duty; husband went to FL and ceased communication.      
DeWitt Ethel granted divorce Edward DeWitt August 28, 1926 gross neglect of duty     Ethel gets custody of the one child.
Dodds Clementine filed divorce suit Major Dodds August 21, 1926 failure to provide and extreme cruelty      
Eaton Linda filed divorce suit Samuel Eaton August 17, 1926 adultery, immoral associations with women, and he is suffering from venereal disease because of above. Nov. 20, 1922   1 ch: Beatrice
Eaton Lucinda answers cross petition Samuel D. Eaton December 14, 1926 She states that the def. Is a resident of the state and father of 4 ch by a former marriage, and admits these ch were to live with them after marriage; that she was very fond of them and frequently used large sums of money to clothe them. Denies all other allegations.      
England Bessie A. filed divorce suit Arthur C. England April 20, 1926 desertion for 16 years. April 16, 1905   1 ch: Ruth, 18 years old.
England Bessie A. granted divorce Arthur C. England July 1, 1926 wilful absence for over 3 years      
Eschbaugh Ruth granted divorce Lawrence Eschbaugh April 10, 1926 gross neglect of duty   Murray, Ruth I.  
Finney Emma granted divorce Harrison Finney October 27, 1926 cruelty     property in Amanda awarded to Emma. She is to pay $100 for satisfaction of his lien. It is rumored he will ask for a new trial.
Finney Emma granted divorce Harrison Finney November 27, 1926 extreme cruelty   McDougle, Emma Maiden name restored. Given clear title to estate in Amanda.
Fling Myrta E. granted divorce John Fling April 7, 1926 failure to support, extreme cruelty, cursing at her. Dec. 10, 1925 Circleville    
Flowers Martin case dismissed Mary Flowers December 27, 1926        
Franklin Ruth filed divorce suit Carl Franklin September 18, 1926 failure to provide, extreme cruelty, brutally struck and bruised her with fist, did not support her and threatened her life. Newark Gainor, Ruth Ruth is a minor, so 'next friend' Winona Rush filed petition for her.
Gierhart Elmer B. filed divorce suit Elizabeth Gierhart May 28, 1926 On Oct. 11, 1924 she left him and has since refused to live with him. Sept. 6, 1924    
Gierhart Elmer G. granted divorce Elizabeth Gierhard [sic] July 24, 1926 gross neglect      
Goheen Ella files divorce suit James Goheen December 17, 1926 gross neglect of duty. Has struck her causing her arm and throat to bruise; cursed her daily.     States she has been forced to support herself by working in a factory and doing other manual labor since their marriage.
Harmon Florence filed divorce suit Cloyce Harmon August 31, 1926 gross neglect of duty      
Harp Effie filed divorce suit Harry Harp December 28, 1926 gross neglect; left her Dec. 5, 1926 and told her he would pay no bills contracted by her. She has no means of support and unable to earn a living due to feeble health.     2 ch: Charles Russell "aged 11 years July 1st 1926, who was adopted", and Rolland W. Harp b Oct. 16, 1926.
Harris Marie   Henry K. Harris November 11, 1926 gross neglect     mother given custody of children
Harris Marie E. granted divorce Henry K. Harris November 11, 1926 gross neglect     Mother given custody of children and all personal and real property are given to her in lieu of dower right.
Harrison Lelah granted divorce Chester Harrison July 6, 1926       custody of ch to mother
Heinlein Elsie granted alimony during divorce suit Calvin Heinlin July 20, 1926        
Hiles Elizabeth filed divorce suit Frank Hiles November 30, 1926 extreme cruelty. Struck her in face, threw an iron skillet at her. Frequently in rage and anger he has hurled bricks at her. Threatened to kill her on Nov. 29 and burn down the dwelling. Also threatened to kill ch. Feb. 12, 1912   3 ch: Wesley 14, William Franklin 11, Agness Louise 8.
Hiles Jennie filed divorce suit George Hiles April 21, 1926 gross neglect of duty August 22, 1926 Mowery, Jennie  
Hilger Henry granted divorce Ella Hilger June 3, 1926 gross neglect of duty.      
Hoffer Ruby filed divorce suit Christian Hoffer May 19, 1926 professional loafer; loafs at pool room in Zanesville. Failure to provide. Dec. 24, 1924   1 ch: Dorothy Marie Hoffer.
Howard Margaret granted divorce William Howard November 18, 1926 gross neglect of duty   Jones, Margaret Maiden name restored.
Humphrey Nellie granted divorce Joseph Humphrey December 8, 1926        
Johnson Nellie granted divorce George W. Johnson June 1, 1926 gross neglect   Tanner, Nellie  
Keeley Wilbert D. filed divorce suit Daisy Keeley April 3, 1926 adultery     Daisy's whereabouts unknown.
Knight Dora granted divorce Isaac Knieght June 30, 1926 wilful absence for over 3 years      
Knipe Dora filed divorce suit Isaac Knipe April 30, 1926 abandonment     Isaac's whereabouts unknown.
Kober William files cross petition Victoria Kober December 7, 1926 admits he was resident of Lancaster for more than a year. Plaintiff left his home and he solicited her to return. He denies all other allegations. He charges her with extreme cruelty, accusing him of associating with women for immoral purposes. She takes all his money from him requiring him to beg money from her.     He asks that her petition be dismissed and his and he be granted divorce on his cross petition. He was recently elected County Commissioner.
Koontz Lola granted divorce [name not mentioned] Koontz July 24, 1926 wilful neglect, idleness, profligacy, dissipation.      
Koontz Lola F. filed divorce suit Earl M. Koontz April 16, 1926 wilful neglect and failure to provide May 28, 1921   2 ch: Bettie 4y and Jaunita Irene 2y
Kraner Alvah M. filed divorce suit Harry P. Kraner July 8, 1926 squandering money, staying out late with other women, failure to provide     1 ch: Richard Miesse Kraner
Kull Mary E. granted divorce Roy F. Kull October 30, 1926 extreme cruelty     She was given custody of child, $6/week support of child, and household furniture.
Lee Guy files cross petition Goldie Lee November 16, 1926 admits they live with his mother but says arrangements were with wife's consent. He denies all other charges. Counter charges say Goldie has vicious and violent temper and once tried to attack his mother with hatchet. She has called him profane names and nagged him.      
Lenhart Alcinda filed divorce suit William F. Lenhart October 21, 1926 gross neglect of duty and extreme cruelty; taken a great dislike to their ch. and refuses to allow some admittance to her home.     parents of 8 ch, all over legal age. This is her second suit, the first was dismissed.
Lenhart William files cross petition Alcinda Lenhart November 27, 1926 Clains he has given his wife a note and mortgage valued $3075 in full satisfaction of her dower interest. He asks that her divorce suit be dismissed.      
Light Edward S. filed divorce suit Maria Light April 16, 1926 absent from home several times with whereabouts unknown; threatened to kill him. Feb. 12, 1912    
Light Edward S. granted divorce Marea Light June 5, 1926     Nisle, Marea  
Long Sylvia M. granted divorce Edward S. Long November 20, 1926       Edward's motion to vacate the divorce has been stricken from files. Husband had been given 5 days to pay back alimony, which he didn't do, so the divorce granted to wife is final.
Lutz May Queen filed divorce suit Lester Lutz January 15, 1926 been absent for over 3 years      
Mansberger Ira filed divorce suit Mary Mansberger April 30, 1926 familiar with other men; leaves home for 3-5 weeks.     3 ch: Hazel 7, Zema 6, Richard 4
Mansberger Ira and Mary case dismissed     July 20, 1926 case dismissed as they're living together again.      
Marlier Faye C. filed divorce suit [smudged] Marlier, Jr. November 23, 1926 gross neglect and extreme cruelty. Wastes his money, assaulted her numerous times, and once kicked and beat her for attending church service. Has threatened to shoot her.     2 ch: dau. 2y, and son 3 months. On October 27 plaintiff struck and choked. 3 days latter she left him, taking the children, to her parents.
Marlier Faye C.   Aime Marlier, Jr. November 27, 1926       Pending settlement, court ordered def. To pay wife $6/week for support of herself and children.
Martin Mary filed divorce suit Harvey Martin December 23, 1926 adultery     Harvey's last known address was on Porter Street in Detroit, MI.
McLin Emma files divorce suit Ward S. McLin July 26, 1926 gross neglect and failure to co-habit with her.     Emma is a minor, so 'next friend' Philip Farmer filed petition.
McLin Emma granted divorce Ward S. McLin September 13, 1926 gross neglect     minor ch Elnora Iretha awarded to mother.
Miller Sarah E. filed divorce suit Oliver Miller May 27, 1926 failure to provide and neglect of duty      
Mundy Wavelene granted divorce Thomas Mundy October 8, 1926 gross neglect of duty      
Neff Mary filed divorce suit Lester Neff August 30, 1926 non-support     In Nov. 11, 1926 article, it says that Lester Neff, his wife Goldie M. Neff, and Henry E. Azbell were arrested and pled guilty to the charge of acting in a way to cause the delinquency of Maude Hayes by encouraging her to associate with immoral persons. On Oct. 30, Neff in company with Hayes, and Mrs. Neff with Azbell, spent a weekend together at an abandoned cottage. Lester served 90 days at Dayton workhouse in the past. The Hayes girl was put into the detention home of Mr. and Mrs. Eck, but she escaped. Her whereabouts unknown.
Parrish Alma filed cross petition Dwight Parrish July 21, 1926 she denies allegations, says he's been associating with other women, is lazy, indolent and jealous. Failing to provide for her, refuses to live with her.   Coover, Alma next friend Edna V. Noble filed on behalf of Alma Parrish.
Parrish Dwight filed divorce suit Alma Parrish July 19, 1926 adultery January 28, 1926 Coover, Alma Dwight is a minor so his 'next friend', Dora Parrish, filed petition.
Parrish Dwight divorce granted Alma Parrish September 10, 1926        
Reid Lucille filed divorce suit Raymond Reid April 16, 1926 quarrelsome disposition, unreasonable temper April 15, 1922   2 ch: Alice, 2; Robert 5 months.
Riser Catherine granted divorce Oscar Riser February 9, 1926 gross neglect     Catherine gets custody of 2 ch
Rowe Edith filed divorce suit James Shinder Rowe October 30, 1926 gross neglect     hearing set for on or after Nov. 18th.
Rowe Edith granted divorce James Shinder Rowe November 20, 1926 gross neglect of duty   Hogrefe, Edith O. maiden name restored
Runkle Samuel V. granted divorce Edna M. Runkle November 6, 1926 gross neglect of duty     Father is awarded custody of the children, Lloyd E. Runkle and Erome V. Runkle.
Sales Maud granted divorce Russell E. Sales April 3, 1926 neglect and cruelty      
Smith Elton shot and killed himself     December 20, 1926 Wife Olivia, 21, in hospital from shot in right side. Her mother is Aimee LeJeune in which Olivia had been staying. She pulled her car into garage and he sprang out of hiding and shot her. Mother heard Olivia scream and ran to assistance. Elton ran 200 feet down road and took his own life.     Elton was a World War vet, step son of Charles O. Smith of Lancaster. Has a brother Sylva in Cleveland; mother dead for some years. Mrs. LeJeune said her daughter and 4 year old granddaughter were living with them, and that there had been much domestic trouble between Elton and her daughter since their marriage 5 years ago.
Smith Olivia granted temporary alimony Elton Smith November 20, 1926       $6/wk. granted to Olivia pending settlement.
Smith Olivia case dismissed Elton Smith December 28, 1926 case dismissed as def. Has died since filing of the suit.      
Spurgeon Olive L. granted divorce William H. Spurgeon April 3, 1926 neglect and cruelty      
Standiford Margaret supplemental petition William Standiford December 11, 1926 gross neglect and adultery. For 18 months he has not furnished her with a proper home, and since Sept. 26, 1925 he has not supported her. For past 4 months he has associated with other women. June 10, 1922, Logan, OH Ripp, Margaret no ch born to union. Standiford is in jail on charge of stealing a car.
Staniford Margaret   William Staniford September 25, 1926 gross neglect      
Thompson Emma filed divorce suit John Harland Thompson July 23, 1926 agreed on Jan. 6, 1923 to separate; guilty of going with other women. June 27, 1907   no ch born to them.
Thompson Gerald filed divorce suit Glenna Thompson September 11, 1926 gross neglect of duty, riding in automobiles until a late hour of the night with other men.      
Timberlake Marie filed divorce suit Howard Timberlake November 17, 1926 gross neglect and non support. Has never furnished her with a home, refused to live with her and has only given her $120 since their marriage.     Plaintiff asks for custody of the minor child and temporary and permanent alimony.
Van Gundy Wesley filed divorce suit Lean Van Gundy December 17, 1926 gross neglect and when his work compels him to travel she refuses to accompany him and stays with her parents.     NOT filed in Fairfield. Van Gundy formerly of Lancaster, a bricklayer. Article started out with "According to word from Cincinnati..".
Wagner Cora filed divorce suit Ebbert Wagner November 26, 1926 gross neglect and non-support.     She asks for custody of their 3 1/2 old child.
Wagner Ebbert filed cross petition Cora Wagner December 30, 1926 Claims his wife, prior to marriage, was able to perform duties of a farmer's wife except milking, and promised to do so. After marriage she refused work except minor tasks, forcing him to live with his parents, his mother doing the work of the farmer's wife and caring for the babe. They have not lived together since Nov. 23, 1923, when she acknowledged her unfitfulness for motherhood and voluntarily returned to her people. November 9, 1922   1 child, Dorothy Marie, 3 1/2. Husband asks for exclusive custody of child.
Waits Clinton granted divorce Margaret Waits November 8, 1926 unfaithfulness      
Wallace Cora granted divorce [name not mentioned] Wallace July 26, 1926     Lutz, Cora  
Wallace Florence Lutz filed divorce suit James Wallace June 8, 1926 wilful absence for 3 years Sep. 30, 1920, Covington, KY Lutz, Florence Steele no ch born to them.
Wanbaugh Beulah O. granted a divorce Forrest H. Wanbaugh August 16, 1926 gross neglect of duty   Beavers, Beulah O. maiden name restored; $300 alimony.
Westbrook Ethel granted divorce Leslie Westbrook October 19, 1926 gross neglect of duty      
White John filed cross petition Nora L. White August 18, 1926 asks that her original charges be dismissed, then charges her with ungovernable temper, striking him causing internal injuries, hitting him in jaw tearing ligaments loose that had a short time before been broken, and threw his watch away. Also threatened his life many times. States that on their marriage she said she'd been married once before, but charges she'd been married 2 or 3 times prior to their own marriage.      
White Nora L. filed divorce suit John W. White July 8, 1926 petition also against Fairfield Nat'l Bank and Nora White Stevens. Def. Guilty of accusing her of infidelity, choked her, failure to provide, and transferred a deed of property.      
White Robert filed divorce suit Lennie White August 16, 1926 adultery and desertion; he asks for custody of children      
Wilson John E. files cross petition Mae Wilson July 26, 1926 gross neglect of duty, extreme cruelty; also states that wife is not correct person to have custody of ch. by virtue of her attitude and manner around house.      
Wilson Mae filed divorce suit John E. Wilson July 23, 1926 claims he gets a portion of clothes for the family at the junk pile in the Lancaster Paper Mill where he works. Vicious, wicked and carries on [with?] Ilda Gregory.     ch: Iretha 16, Elmer 14, Sarah 12, Roy 7, Evelyn 2.
Wilson Mae case dismissed John E. Wilson September 18, 1926        
Wonderle Jennie filed divorce suit George Wonderle November 17, 1926 extreme cruelty, threatened to strike her. Received no money from him other than $25/year. Claims he's quarrelsome, vicious and nagging, treats her with no respect, and applied to her vulgar, ribald and sacriligious epithets and is jealous of her. Corresponds and meets woman of improper morals in Cleveland     Wife's petition states she bought real estate with insurance money of her late husband, and claims defendant offers to leave her if she will sell property and give her half the proceeds.


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